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What it takes to win the Squid Game game I'm Brendan Hazleton WTO at 1148 Back to Rita and the traffic center Major delays in both directions headed to and across the bay bridge the event is on the westbound span of the bay bridge the special Olympics torch run continues They are closer to the end of the bridge They've passed mid span quite some time ago as you were getting past where the runners are in the vehicles that are behind them It is just one single left lane getting you by Now that westbound 50 backup is before Cox creek trying to make your way onto the bridge The earlier wreck that was leading up to the bridge no longer in the center of the roadway off to the right side at points you're not really moving very much at all Trying to head up to that point where it is a single lane getting you by Looks like the eastbound delay that is before Whitehall road trying to head onto the eastbound span of the bridge It's just everybody seeing what's going on on the westbound side because once you get past where the runners are everything looks good headed across eastbound trying to make your way on to eastbound 50 after the bridge On the beltway it is the inner loop of the beltway delays coming from the dulles toll road toward Georgetown pike This was a mobile work crew on the left side We also have delays both ways headed towards 66 on the beltway This is work in the right lane northbound three 95 delays headed on to the inbound 14th street bridge on the bridge itself work was in the right lane Southbound 95 after the fairfax county Parkway the work in the right lane Then the volume crossing the aqua Quan if you're northbound watch for the delays after triangle but before dumfries looks like this 1 may be mobile with delays back near 6 ten garrisonville road Quicker and safer travel is coming to I 66 to do this the left eastbound lane from university boulevard to 29 in Centreville will be closed June 14th through 19th more at transform 66 dot org I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Now the forecast with Mike stennis Hot and humid weather will stay with us for the rest of the work week but we've got great weather coming our way for the coming weekend for this afternoon product cloudy to mostly sunny It's gonna be hot and muggy with a risk of a thunderstorm mini across.

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