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Chip. Can this regime exist right now in Venezuela, actually, be described as a left leaning regime, a socialist regime? I just came back from Mexico in Mexico City, and that looks more like what Latin American socialism has has taken the form of over the last twenty years than what we see in Venezuela, which could be more authoritarian. So where does the left in Latin America, go from here is this a reckoning for the left, and if so noble should again, how does the left rebuild its movements number one? If this is the left will help the left, frankly, I mean, this is the people on the left who were defending this, really. It is the left's problem because this is never this never been a regime defended by the right as a right wing regime. Whatever it is whatever you wanna call it. It's been defended by people on the left, a socialist as a regime that is seeking, you know, more egalitarian ISM benefits for the poor. And so on essentially kleptocracy. I mean, this is this is a government which is in power to serve its own interests to stay in power to steal as much as it can from the state and everything, you know, take all the benefits that it possibly can from the position that occupies if the left wants to own that then that's really a big problem for the left. It seems to me. So, you know, there is a modern left in not in America. There's a modern left elsewhere in the world. And they have a big contribution to make it will be a real tragedy. If defending us from Yudo people like Boleslaw Nado people like Donald Trump were left to people like nNcholas model. You know, then the really is. No hope. Wow. That's a way to frame it. Yeah. What do you think where the left goes in and let America it's about to do shows? I mean, we've seen this dependence swing because of corruption scandals, and it's it's because when government support able to get him power. They committed many of the same mistakes that conservative governments had their Maost tremendous amounts of control, the put political loyalists, you know, certain key positions that led to corruption led to nepotism to cronyism. And here we are. I believe that of course, when Donald Trump Quaid's socialism. What what's what's being this causing the states? I it's it's preposterous. I also think that there's a new left wing movement in the United States. That's rightfully questioning a lot of the foreign policy decisions of the United States made history. And and really genuinely questioning, you know, what's the what's the US role, for example that America drawing from history. I think that's. Very important. And in that comes from a new generation of democratic socialists were willing to bring this up and put it send stage and say and many of them say in a while, we don't, you know, support by the little while we don't say the Bodo is it's legitimate leader or represents the left inland, America. We we do have to have a debate in this country of what it means to to intervene what it means to sort of orchestrate regime change and why what is the ultimate goal. And I think that's absolutely Jim it position. And I and I support it, and I support that the bait, and I think it's absolutely Jim that said Venezuela. It's not the left is socialism same with. I'm Louis Mexico. You know, you're you're seeing right now the left governing Mexico for the first time, it's modern history. The jury is still out if this question of guava is what is the left? I think left to right feeling but let America I need more is strong institutional store credit institutions in accountability. And this is what's been missing. And everytime. The right or the left come, you know, they come with saviors come with. Messiahs and that's been day. That's been the problem. Li-? Lopez senior editor of global opinions at the Washington Post and Phil Gunson senior analyst with the International Crisis Group and writer on Venezuelan Latin America, thanks so much for joining me. And my amazing guest host all star Amara Jones on in the thick of thanks very much. Thank you. I'm Hulu Lorella. And I'm a March owns. And remember guys, you just gotta go to apple podcast to rate and review us really really helps. Also, you can now listen to in the thick on Pandora Spotify. Or wherever you get your podcast. Follow us on the Twitter and Instagram at in the fix show like us on Facebook and tell all your international politics friends to listen to the show in the thickest produced by one Pablo Garnham, Nicole Rothwell audio engineers are Stephanie LeBow and Julia Caruso, our fellow is you're Saudi the music you heard his courtesy of Nacional kept Z K records. Hey amara. You did a great job. Thank you so much for being on happy to do it. And I didn't know there were so many ways to listen. Yeah. We're everywhere. We're everywhere. So listen, all you in the listeners. We'll see you next time. Thanks for listening knows variables Chow over. God. Did

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