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Supposedly paid for that all before i mean it is all gravy at that point no that's not quite true i mean he like i think europa via europa films the one of the production companies they said they have only expose themselves to like a few million dollars a year europacorp they expose themselves to a few million dollars of of a of liability if they if the movie doesn't do well that's still millions of dollars that that companies losing and when they of all the above one hundred million dollar budget movies at least at movies budget is on the screen yeah that's true that's true uh it does look really spectacular and is a vision more visually enjoyable than king arthur out our what is that moviemaking internationally it's not a hundred seventy two total us and internationally so it is yoyo production yeah he didn't do well in china like because lupus on tweeting like ad tuesday the data recording on that it was the number one movie in china this past weekend so i don't know if those numbers include that it probably does but um it it's not it's not doing well international even that's the problem leg if he was a hughley torrential hit like it could be okay but it's yeah ailing it opened in china two days ago in his may twenty eight point nine million dollars chancellor it it it does include the china that number of one hundred seventy uh um so huge bummer um but any anything else you guys want to mention that about the summer a we we actually kind of like a lot of enjoy medal of lerian but it's definitely not like the the wrong time for that movie unfortunately anything else you what i mentioned before you the final tallies gentleman.

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