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Passion. Great future. Seven hundred sixty WJR news, dick Hafner. Governor Whitman was first proposed budget will propose a forty five cents a gallon gas tax increase her idea is to phase it in over a year and a half. And then also add more than five hundred million in new classrooms spending K through twelve spending she'll outlined her a proposal to a lawmakers and Lansing today. The forty five cent gas tax increase would be phased in over three separate intervals beginning in October. That would generate upwards of two billion dollars a year. You would also give Michigan one of the highest fuel tax rates in the country which Michigan already has right now. The total at pump costs are the six highest in the nation. It isn't clear if Whitmer will attempt to exempt fuel from the state sales tax Republicans are talking about tying reform of auto insurance to any gas tax increase, Detroit, mayor Duggan's state of the city addresses tonight. His office says the speech will discuss investment in workforce development public. Safety summer jobs and college programming as well as efforts to clear records for ex offenders ex cons, one of the largest skilled trades training centers is planned for the city of Detroit. The carpenters a millwright union plan to spend thirty million dollars to build a one hundred twenty thousand square foot training facility near open and elmhurst city council. The president Brenda Jones says the good news for Detroit continues. We just last week heard about big thing coming up on the east side with Chrysler. And now we have the copper the mill. Who are going to build in do something exciting right here in this neighborhood. The city council still must approve the transfer of city owned land, they'll break ground hopefully later this year, and when completed sixteen hundred students will be trained yearly on Detroit's west side, Ken Rogulski, WJR news. Lloyd getaway will be charged with the murder of Danielle lucky who disappeared in December of two thousand sixteen at an office center in Southfield where both of them worked a northern Michigan special. Ed teacher has been accused of sexually assaulting a student beginning when he was eleven years old that was a couple of years ago. The teacher Heather Winfield faces various charges of criminal sexual conduct. Police say the boy is now fourteen and told authorities that the teacher Winfield sexually assaulted him. More.

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