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Several arrested in David Ortiz shooting in Dominican Republic


Prosecutors and the Dominican Republic say baseball star. David Ortiz is the victim of a hit. Several people are under arrest including the alleged shooter. The alleged trigger man has been arrested in what thority say was an eight thousand dollar plot to kill. Former Red Sox slugger. David Ortiz in his native Dominican Republic. The chief prosecutor there vowed to hold all involved accountable. WBZ TV reporter in British Rodriguez court documents obtained by WBZ. Investigators also say Sunday night ambush was planned surveillance video captured Eddie, Felice Garcia and the shooter. Coordinating the attack earlier in the night with a group of Ben inside a car parked on a nearby street. Prosecutors say after driving around the block. Doc fees. Got to see you in the gunman proceeded to get out of the car. Hop on a motorcycle and ride over to the dial bar. Once they're the gunman helps off runs behind Ortiz and shoots him before getting away with the weapon in hand. Ortiz continues to recover in a Boston hospital. Pam Coulter,

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