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To come up first of all you slower than his reaction he is too soft he does not step up near the line scrambles to make that way he gets thrown out of the way of matt moore has no chance mad hawk to it john getting snaps the to him high punt webb gets under it at a fair catch gold four at the 28 yard line as we're baltimore we'll have it after the thirty eight yard putt from the rookie hawk tune in to watch all the excitement of the nfl sunday on cbs check your local listings for games in times your area catch the nfl on cbs signed that was terrible football by damning wings i mean embarrassed from the standpoint come on you have a job to do it's an easy blitz the basic with leeds coming right up the a gap that your responsibilities clear as day he slowly to get there there's no urgency and then it's like playing patty kick my good i mean if i met war i grabbed that guy by the facemask silence let me explain something to you worry they football game this they contact gortat come up with blocked the guy otherwise i'm not going to give you the ball tony kiko alonzo is on the field they did examined him along the sideline independent neurologist was walking with them on the sidelines reporter through the the concussion test and he passed first in tandem the 28 tight formation handoff to college shut out of a cat and thomas for the forty province where to tackle 45 zigzags to the forty seven nick boil with a key bloc to help create space for alex collins and a head of steam 20yard run well this is more like the ravens d were used to playing great defense shut down the miami off it's completely what the ball they got a little bit of the run game go with a plaque to pass we saw take a shot to macklin earlier look for in this series another deep shot by joe flaco alex collins like the nfl with nine yards per carry college get to the get collins picks his way across fifty yard line and then there's some extracurricular at the end of the play as collins goes down foot day and a weight combined to bring him down it's a sixyard gained based on the effort of alex college now the whiners scrimmages be one by.

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