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Hiccup. I believe I believe they did something to the turf is what happened. Here's what I can tell you. Here is the part that I believe on the colts they walked into to Foxborough abused and beaten in terms of personnel. TY Houghton did not start Enzo. Good did not start. Darius. Leonard did not start. There were there were seven eight guys who could not. Start. They didn't play could not play. And yet they still went in fought. I like this team. I like the team I like this attitude. I am not bothered by being one in four sore. We could be two and three short. We could be three and to not bothered by it at all. Frank reich. He's got nothing, but faith we got off to a slow start. We cannot do that. You can't have penalties. Keep penalties turnovers and drops against against a good team against any team especially against a team like this, especially on the road. So we we just got to pick up the pieces, and I still have a lot of confidence in our players. I have a lot of belief and confidence in our players will get back to work were excited about the rest of the season. I'm excited about two guys that we have on our team. I would go to battle with these guys anytime they are fighting hard. We just need to play better football. I believe in all of that. And I got serious faith in Frank. Greg one other story I wanted to get to and and I have no other than anybody else has it's maybe I'm asking the question a little bit differently. There was an explosion east Washington Campbell avenue irvington area irvington neighborhood. This is Wednesday night. It happened about ten forty five and you know in the early morning hours. It was just there was something happened. And then you got the the understanding as the day went on that it was an explosion. And then you started learning that residents as far as twenty blocks away. Not only heard the explosion. They felt it. There's actually a hole in the median where the explosion happened. And as described where the device was located the explosive ordinance disposal units conducting an investigation. Here's the question. How did I get into the middle of the road and irvington? And if you don't think tonight. An improvised explosive device. Well, then what is it? For lack of a better term. I'm going to refer to it as I don't have a single bit of information that you don't have. I am not a guy who was into panic and there's no purpose for that. I'm glad the investigations happening. All the sudden just randomly something goes off someone knows something. You gotta contact authorities. The thought of this is the kind of thing. That is is that can just lead to awful. If, you know, something if you see something, please say something much more to get to including what's going on with Brad Kavanagh. Oh, yeah. The might not be a vote on Saturday. I'll explain I'm Tony cats. This is Gary dick, augmented reality assisting surgeons on the battlefield at six. Thirty two. Brought to you by the incident. Indiana business television podcast search for instant the business at your podcast page or follow the link at inside the DNA business dot com to subscribe experience.

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