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Back. Oh we've got a lot more in the show as i was mentioning when we came on the air tonight including including neil cacho coming up but as promised we have a brief update on the story that of course has consumed so many this destruction wrought by hurricane dorian new aerial footage. What is you're looking at. Here are the avocado islands in the bahamas showing all of the problems the water canvassing the entire island. The storm was hovering over the bahamas for about two days. Five live dead. This is a category two at this point in time it's nearing the southeastern coast of florida before we move on to other topics in the show as promised an update from meteorologist meteorologist bill cairns with n._b._c. news bill. We're watching the storm closely. It's still right on about eighty miles off the east coast of florida the heaviest bands now rotating in closer to the coast and this'll be the peak of the storm for areas from volusia county southwards the indian river the palm bay area fort pierce jupiter again windy conditions almost like a tropical storm was right on top you even though the hurricane is off the coast as far as the wind speeds go read one hundred ten miles per hour to category two but if it goes up just a tiny bit more it would be a category three if it's still a very powerful the storm is just you know the perspective that was one time one hundred and eighty five makes it seem that much weaker but this could do a lot of damage it was to move on shore up here in the carolinas and that is the the potential and that's the next question hurricane center has it off dako- safely of georgia and offer florida but that conan still includes charleston georgetown myrtle beach wilmington rightful beach areas up here they're emerald atlantic beach morehead city all of the album or a pinnacle sound region and then heading offshore as we go throughout the day on friday and one of the things that we're going to be watching to is how close does it get to areas like say nova scotia could have a direct impact and also we still have any a target close to the storm but that forecast has actually improved and and one of the things we watch our is our computer model. One of the more accurate ones is our european computer model in the new update just out this afternoon. There's that heavy rain on the florida coast as we go throughout the day tomorrow. Watch the center near savannah and here's charleston. It gets up to this point as we get through wednesday night thursday morning. We're like wow. This is getting close to.

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