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Race. The four We got one Where? Yeah. Stamkos was the missing factor hell out of here. Mm. Game number. Who Tuesday. Eight o'clock. You done? Tampa Bay. Let Oh, oh, oh boy, and the old beer clanking around so upset. I'm Mike getting more vulgar, more anger, but at least gives you a good TV guide schedule update on where and how and where To find the patient Didn't know. On Tuesday night. I'll be honest with you. That was the first time I knew the game was eight o'clock on Tuesday. So thank goodness upside down. Mike is now apparently working for NBC. Got that up. So what a bizarre last eight minutes, Pete. The body delivers. Maybe the best Canadian bacon. We've heard to date and upside down. Mike is getting more vulgar and anger as his team as though seven wins away from a championship hoax. He's got, possibly as well. Seven more islander winds to react to. I don't know that he can get to seven more the way that one took a turn with the voice, the yelling the cursing. I mean, if they win this round, Sean him doing the clincher after game whatever with the Lightning might be the end of upside down, Mike. And what irony? That would be if upside down. Mike doesn't survive. To a Stanley Cup final that as Islanders are finally in, well, that's the thing And, as Pete alluded to Chris King sounded like he passed away as well when he was going on on his highlights, so it feels like It's ironic everybody who's very healthy body wise around this Islanders run sounds like they are literally going to drop dead and excitement. And maybe the most unhealthy Islander fan of the mall. Peter Schwartz has no problem standing in line for T shirts yesterday before a game one which Brings around my next point before we get to Brad. Brad, we're through your real quick. I have to squeeze this in Peter Schwartz, who? You know, we poke fun at all the time. I like stuffing and look, we love Pete. Heat yesterday did another typical ultimate Pete thing he posts online as I scrolled past 15 Little League games. He posts online. Oh, my goodness. Did he deleted? I think he deleted. It's not here anymore. Ho ho ho, Peter Schwartz. Oh my God, He's deluded it. Somebody. I bet you are listed as requested him for it. I'm stunned to the news. It was definitely a tweet. Not Facebook on Instagram is definitely on Twitter because I saw people Ted minutes gone. My goodness. It's gone of all the dramatic your Schwartz and raise you a Schwartz of all the traumatic things Pizza. Later, the tweet. The Tweet was a several part series about the long line outside the Nassau Coliseum to get a free T shirt that said, Like, survive and advance or whatever the heck they came up with the Islanders yesterday. And Pete was proud. And by the end it was a chain tweet Does. It was multiple tweets gone, posting a picture of said T shirt he finds worth it in line to wait for this. He wait in line. I believe it was over two hours long for a free T shirt. Pete. The body did text me yesterday, right before tip off of the Nets. We got to do meat on the bone. Pete's tweeting up a storm. I started to get tweets about it from our listeners. Maybe I'm personally blocked from the tweet now. Like he did like one of those, but the tweet is gone, folks. He's he got heat. I wonder if you got a heat from our listeners. And if it's not gone, he's keeping it from me. Because he knows I'm defeat reporter. I'm stunned fellas and absolutely stand. Now, Brian looking now, because I've I've muted Schwartz. So I have to go and I'll go back in and unm you did on. I don't see it yet. No. You got to get past little league and all that. Boy. All right. This is going to be breaking news. We're going to get this right to show. But Brad does have other duties..

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