The town with no beer


The job of a correspondent is sometimes loan, sim often morbid occasionally dreer and is Indonesia, correspondent David Lipson discovered, what on Simon recently, there's nothing worse after a long hot day than an entire city with no bien. He prepared this report from the disturbingly, dry city of cheer. Bon with apologies to slim dusty away from the fluffy seabreeze of Bali much of Indonesia, is, as they say, as hot as nine sons, it's also humid, and often grimy as a correspondent you spend a good deal of time in the thick of it whiting through that swampy area liking, tripods cameras, and backpacks through the smog or dust. It's great fun. But it's also hard going thankfully, there is a queue Bintan be it's watery easy. Drinking pills now. Not sure you drink it outside of Indonesia, but here it works the. The problem is it's getting hotter and hotter to get your hands on a I noticed it in Jakarta a year ago, the hero convenience store near home. It's fridges conveniently stocked with ample, and the ale was without warning. Emptied out on. We were told it was out of respect for the holy month of Ramadan, but the b never came back. Nothing so lonesome. Dreer then stand in about all the pub with no biz. More recently, we realized the same thing had happened at the brand new domestic terminal in Jakarta, just sugary drinks in the fridge. Is there on a particularly long layover a few weeks, back, cameramen Phil? And I slipped the entire length of the massive terminal before eventually finding a restaurant slash bar on the menu. There was no beer but we asked the waiter, who sent for the manager who told us in hushed tones. Yes. There is some available. We ordered two cans, and when they arrived, they were in disguise wrapped in toilet paper to hide their true identity. We drank them out of coffee, mugs. And when the Bill arrived, the be wasn't on it, they had to be paid for in cash with no paperwork. This is all another symptom of Indonesia's slide toward Islamic conservatism, in the same way that far right groups in astrology threaten boycotts of halal products. In Indonesia, the militant alter conservatives threaten companies who engage in deviant, practices, lack ceiling, be it has a chilling effect on sales and not in the good way. I started writing this report after a particularly hot and stinky assignment, far from home involving large piles of rotting fish guts in the Japanese port city of cheer. Bon a beer we hoped might go someway to washing down that dry fishy taste in the back of our, noses and throats, but alas during Ramadan, we weren't allowed to partake in the hotel bar undeterred. We figured surely in a port city of some two and a half million people, they'd be sailors Kane for a beer after five months at sea. So along with my trustee, thirsty, cameramen Phil. We had a quiet chat to the Bill boy and hailed a cab. Okay. So we're not taxi. We have just tried to go to what were short would be the. One spot way, we could have a beer and, and somebody's eight it's closed for this month. So trustee Texan driver is trying to find another place. He's tapping away as phone right now. SMS is yeah. Your friend group. It's a group surely with the power of what's up consolidating the combined knowledge of cheer bones entire taxi fleet. We couldn't file. Because sentece of All Saints fan restaurant, Kilda would try, so what's what? Case balcony, Bah. On the main Stroup going up a pool stick case. View caffeine county. Not doing fasting month. Okay. Okay. Another disappointment. Did that. With no. We was starting to lose hope. Smackers KFC. John, mole hula trappings of western society Pizza Hut. But be. Be Dana breakthrough on the group message. Skopje. Thanks. So. Yes. We're on. So we made a beeline on the road. And sure enough right in the corner of the back of an empty Cup AGA. It looks like a pug. Totally empty. We paid out cabbie hefty tip until two seats. Okay. So he's poured a long neck into a missile jug. We have two coffee cups city in front of us. And a bowl of ice. So we'll put the old is seen how coffee cups. The old. Nope. Jug. That's it tears us. We go. Home is worth. That. Oh. Nothing gets between a correspondent story David Lipson. They are trying to get a drink in cheer. Bonn in Java.

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