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We are back. We're back with sportstalk new york on w. gb and we are in beautiful downtown merrick. Long island Looking back that was some performance to on friday night games like that. When you're a met fan of few and far far between the the mets and with the following game they lift you up only to slam you to the concrete. The next day like they did saturday. Nice win today though. And we'll take it and the red sox coming in. let's switch gears. Now keep the memories rolling along our next guest drummer best known as a member of fog hat a founding member along with guitarist and vocalist lonesome dave guitarist rod price and bassist tony. Stevens roger is the only member featured in everyone what happened. We lost him. All right. we're going to. We have a dial tone folks. At least we have that. We're going to try to get roger back with us brian's trying fervently to do that right now and As i said we're switching gears tonight as we do every once in a while and I think he's got him online. And we'll get rock and rollers on how we doing brian. Okay let's let's welcome in roger earl to the show roger. Good evening how are you sir. I'm good man. Yeah we're hanging in there. We're wearing american We're trying to survive over here. You know now. I wanted to you. Aki level is down a little bit. Oh yeah we we got you fine. Yeah no worries somebody bill. That's me. that's me roger. Yeah bill how are you doing. We're doing good. I i wanted to ask you. Roger born in hampton court. Now that's near m- my i m my favorite of the royal palaces. Were you a friend of cardinal wolsey by any chance Now sometimes people have mentioned that. I was very close to being oldest But now i see it was it was just down the road from hampton court where i was born in high school. The best did jewish memorial hospital. My mom it was directly. After i was born in forty six right. She said the people were just wonderful. My other two brothers were born during the war. That wasn't much fun. Now as i remember raja they used to be a pub right across the street from the palace called the cardinal wolsey. The you know. If that's still there now you know. I'm a new yorker. Now right i don't have anything to do with the royal. Was anybody good for you. Roger yeah kings and queens. No doubt now. We're celebrating fifty years of fog hat this year. Now you are still banging away like our friend liberty. Devito says all drummers never die they just keep on banging right roger something along what do you think about that darling. I'm talking to the life now. Go ahead trump jobless dot just keep banging right. She says wash my mouth out. Okay now you were. You were in a musical family. Your dad played piano and he played in local pubs. There was always music in your house. Right roger yeah Both my parents came from the east end. They were ways nosy for having a good time. A lot of great musicians skype in that area. That wasn't professional piano client that he will play weekend actually when when he was very young. my on is Youngest sister told us that in fact he was actually joined A jet fan when he was like fourteen or fifteen years old I didn't know anything about that Actually my father was a panel visa. He worked When i was growing up he worked to ask the mock and and their old workshop in felsen which is about for three or four miles away from where we actually live near He's apple which was a coast. Three tiny back then Not supply the anna and it was all white music in the house. We will probably one of the first people have breakfast pliers We had to grunted tightly colder. We would call south of the tv we had a big projection tv that would sign up with feddie. Small house one side of the ball would have this projection. Tv so there was always music here. Nine fat my father took me much. I real Concert when i was twelve years old took me to see jerry lewis nine. My mother said i was never the same after that. How did she added his right. Yes thank my mom and dad at great parents says she river. They were terrific. Who early influences on the drums. Roger actually say fontes cli- muddy waters. Baby allen's is done muddy waters live at the new for justice for nineteen sixty one Who else The the jumbo. Who played on little. Richard's band was fantastic drama from trial. Pomme freddie was played on or the early chess records with a muddy waters. Chuck berry three already for me about the music Yeah i mean It was actually when i was about i on nine was The money with featured By the rich and other people. And i just go hoops on it but I wasn't up to that level Buddy rich was Special as being crew You know i could listen to those things actually attempting to sort of be like that Music for me. Blues arm being music jazz May need proves in rock and roll. That's what i grew up listening to. Gotcha now tell us a little bit about roger you and lonesome dave your with savoy brown and you left to form fog hat. What what brought that on. Tell us about the birth of fog cat..

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