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Writer celebrating and the Moments after they stormed the capital, Donald Trump is still our president, man and the horns and face paint is Jacob Chance. Lee. His attorney, says he believes he was listening to Trump and an ABC News investigation has found at least a dozen other riders charged have said the same and that's exactly what House impeachment managers plan to argue. ABC is Rachel Scott. Trump's conviction, though, is unlikely. Congressional Democrats looking to fast track the nearly $2 Trillion pandemic relief measure, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen seemed to suggest the $75,000 income threshold for direct payments was high, thinks it ought to be 60 GS. Details of how it should be targeted are to be determined but struggling Middle class families need need help to you went on state of the Union on CNN for the seventh time in his career. Tom Brady won the Super Bowl, throwing for three scores and leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 31 to 9 demolishing of the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs and Super Bowl 55. The high powered Chiefs offense held to just three field goals, not a single touchdown. You're listening to ABC News now. Here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Vaccine providers reaching out to California's most vulnerable communities could receive financial incentives to give me any vaccine Advisory committee discussed the state's plan to accelerate the distribution and administering of covert 19 vaccines. Blue Shield of California would distribute vaccines, health care providers and then incentivize and use a pay for performance approach to get those vaccines where they're needed. Most. State epidemiologist, Dr Eric O'Bannon said about two thirds of California's vaccine supply has been administered. Teachers in Sacramento County could get their covert 19 shots by the end of this month. County health officials say. Teachers will be able to sign up to get vaccinated as soon as mid February and also includes childcare workers. College university teachers in trade school teachers. Chester County Teachers were allowed to sign up to get vaccinated as early as last week. But with demand continued to exceed supply, many weren't able to get an appointment. Health director Dr Olivia Cassara says. With the number of doses Sacramento County is getting it could take at least another month before all 23,000 teachers in the county could get their first shot. To Asian celebrities are offering a $25,000 reward for help solving several violent crimes. In Oakland's Chinatown actors Daniel Dae Kim in Daniel Wu put up the reward to help police find the man who attacked three innocent bystanders, including a 91 year old. Who says quote Despite the skyrocketing number of hate crimes against Asian Americans this past year, our pleas for help go and hurt a bill in the state Senate, Ames experienced a travel through an ad campaign, state Senator Mike McGuire from Helzberg introduced a bill to create a $45 Million fund or the calling All Californians Media blitz. Campaigns designed to revive the hard hit tourism industry in the state officials say the as won't start running until the California Department of Public Health says conditions are safe for in state travel. I'm Angelica Rubio. Ha! Sacramento traffic checking KFBK traffic in the Sierra 80 westbound at the California and Nevada state line. The roadway is reduced to one lane. The Ditch Slope stabilization project continues, and you also have long term closures of the fair it on and off ramps throughout this process. This is not set to complete until late summer, so this will be there for a while. And then multiple closures during the wintertime in the Sierra. One await is shut down from Strawberry 23 95 Highway four is closed between 207 at Mount Reba and 89 at of its past and highway, 89 is closed from.

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