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Well, just when we thought we couldn't get a better guest than Goran Ivanisevic. Who do we find have brunch with in Melbourne, but Mary Carillo, Harry? Harry's. Oh, it's a joy. And we have so much to talk about we're coming towards the end of another Australian Open, but it has been I think an amazing tournament. What are you thinking? I've loved every every single day. There's been something. Nice to say visit as yeah. I mean, I mean for us the that. I mean, that's that's where we is bull cost is money, right? Telling the stories telling the new stories that people don't know about. And there've been a lot of those what's been your favorite. What do you walk away with? Well, it depends. What happens tomorrow? The women's final. I mean, I think. I think either way that's a that's one heck of a story. I hadn't realized how incredibly rare it is for first time slam winner to to win. The next lamb is never been done in the apron era in men's tennis. And the last time it was done in women's tennis two thousand one Jennifer Capriati it. Yeah. I mean, it's just not just doesn't happen. It's a long time between drinks. That's right. Yeah. Naomi oh going for the double major. Yeah. And she looks then he live visitors. It that's that's that's that's that's one of the biggest most overwhelmingly emotional comeback stories in sports short. And I just read this morning that she would be the oldest first time major winner. Twenty-eight Kerber was also that but she was a little older than than. Yeah. Not not not major number one. What the first time number one. Yeah. Kerber was twenty eight but she's a little bit older. How about that? That's a good one. If it's true. It's how how is visited the oldest anything? I know Coney was telling me yesterday that Petric of its repeal reminded me that she was one match away from willna, but one in twenty twelve when he exactly against Sharapova. Yes. And that's seven years. Yes. And five years since she won a title may not she's back in the hunt. It's an amazing source. She and which he's been through how about her press conference yesterday. When she when she was telling us that her doctor didn't even tell her. But in the second month, he was very worried that the that the scarred for very tight, and he wasn't sure the, you know, she'd be able to really come good. And I mean there was a chair, and she would never be able to play any kind of real tennis at all. She still has nine terrors. She's she. She still, you know, worries about her safety, and your she is about to walk on the stage with Mamiya Asaka. It's remarkable. It's great, and she so she has a sort of quiets unassuming strength, doesn't she SAPA? Yeah. You know, what I I've been listening to to the tennis podcast for the whole two weeks. And you keep talking about players that sort of disappoint in important ways. Not really like Griego, or and you know. There are players like or for me, like medicine keys. They have to grow fangs right? And I'm not an and you know, like someone like Serena someone like Rafa some like, I think cease about hasn't. He just couldn't show it against rougher last night. Cohe mean rhapsody has been silenced. But there are something. Like VERA, we were at the press conference and with Gregg man, he wasn't nearly as disappointed and angry and aggravated after losing so badly around. I can see the same Yvonne Lendl at that point of exactly I had my hand up and they switch to German. But that's what I wanted to ask him like at what point do you have a true autopsy of that match, and what will Yvonne say to you. And and and leave. Yeah. Jimmy needs fangs and you so then here's my question..

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