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Giveaway. Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune. Got economy. Maggie. Hi, how are you? This is gonna be fun. I don't have prejudice nothing about chain Heckman. That's okay. Well, we'll make it easy on you. Either way you're a winner. So it's all good. Well, I have a good story for you. When you finish. Okay. All right. We'll start ready. Okay. I he was considered to play the part of Hannibal Lecter in silence of the labs is that real? Or is that ridiculous echo here that is that is that because maybe Peggy's radios up high or something like that. Or is that something? He probably would've could've played the part. All right, Carl. What do you think? Hannibal lector. He was considered to play the part of Hannibal Lecter and silence of the labs say ridiculous. Well, Peggy you are absolutely right. It is real. No more than you think. Or number two when he was sixteen years old. He lied about his age in order to join the marines is that really ridiculous. Peggy. Wait a second. I got that one wrong, right? But this is all about Peggy. I have no idea. But Teaneck when is the kind of guy. No. I don't think he did it. You're gonna say ridiculous. All right, Carl. I say ridiculous. It is real. Absolutely. Carl you're doing great at least you have literally stink at this. All right last. But not least he was the first choice to play character. Mike Brady on the Brady bunch. Is that real or is that ridiculous? I think it's ridiculous. That's ridiculous is real that is absolutely meal. You got hitting me. I'm not kidding. You. Those are. Carl you got zero out of three Peggy you got one right? And because of that you have won a little on that his gift certificate. Limo matters is.

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