US-Mexico talks: Trump hails deal on migrants to avoid tariffs


News in a series of tweets. President Trump is defending the immigration agreement with Mexico, one that staves off tariffs on Mexican imports. Mexican president has agreed to deploy thick thousand troops to southern border allow migrants waiting. The conclusion of the American asylum process to be sent to Mexico instead of waiting in the United States, give migrants chance to get a job. Now, this is a big one stopping human trafficking, and smuggling organizations. And then if needed take more action, no Mexicans and Americans did not specify those actions. Fox's David spont- is at the White House. Fox's Steve Harrigan is in Tijuana where what could have been a heated political rally has turned into a celebration. Tone has changed dramatically, including some warm words for the Mexican president from President Trump, who posted on Twitter, just a short time ago, I would like to thank the president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez over door and his foreign minister Marcelo Brard together with all the many representatives of both the United States and Mexico for working so long and hard to get our on immigration completed Democrats are critical of the deal. House speaker Nancy Pelosi says threats and temper tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign

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