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Now we've been doing it pretty consistently sense than the try and build up a database of of responses so we know what an average and you know what the statistical mean is what the various is nice emphasize nice sample size and it's also very dramatic in it's also a it's a it's it's a an important set of things to do but what it does briefly as after they are extracted from there so using you heard shane talk about how they got out of the soil use a lot of assistance nobody can help you on mars your vehicle has to be designed appropriately for you to get out on your own the nice at him in a shays lounge for a little bit and have a brief public affairs event there on the steps of kazakhstan and that's that's a good chance for them to catch their breath and then there carried not walk but they're carried into the medical tent and inside the medical tent in privacy because of of human research concerns as they are unsuited that has their space suits are taken off on than than if they volunteered fists vested gatien they go through a style set of of motions and they they start off with being seated in a chair just being asked to stand upright and stand quietly for thirty seconds or so and that must be hard that ubstantially stress a substantial again sunny qarterback on on the sds 33 i think it was said the not as after a fiveday flights at the hardest thing he had do on his spaceflight with stand up for the first time after a space flight out of the chaired the shuttle so that was after just a few days now this is after six months or so of weightlessness rain so that's the stress were watching their blood pressure their heart rate as well as their balance and then a.

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