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Very end forming a made up comedy podcast before your very ears and we do the voices like this one this. what what. We'll do what over. Hey they do it are will they do the things they do when they do will happen. Is anybody's guess. But it'd be funny hopefully better be contractually obligated to pump out fifty two episodes of this program. I don't remember agreeing to that. Is i forged. Name nice join me. Most are the theorists in producer. Andy harris and a different special guest contributor every week or this is americans live now. Wish americans live on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Whatever you listen to podcasts. If you're watching on peacock i'm holding up my terry. Cummings milwaukee bucks jersey. That i got this is like nineteen eighties milwaukee box and i got the terry coming signature. There was a gorgeous. We should get this framed. And then i got bradlow. Haas seven footer. Good shooter i think i'm the only person in america with these these two milwaukee bucks jerseys terry cummings in bradlow haas no bigger bucks fan than me. I did pick them to go to the finals. But i had them losing to the drag it credit for them if they win a championship. Do i get extra credit that i picked them to go to the finals to lose to like it's like jeff bezos. Saying he was in space. You could say the team you pick to be in the finals one. And then maybe if you want won't ask you. Did you pick the win. Go a glazed passed it or are you more correct if the sun's come back and beat the bucks with be. Yeah i called it. I called the bucks losing the final. Then you're actually more correct. You're right right so you you might want them to lose seven We're big in wisconsin in arizona on well if i said two bucks fans. I'm gonna get you to the finals. But i can't help you from there..

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