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Well, there's just a cinematic energy that Ridley Scott brings to every movie he does regardless of the genre, and he is a master of so many different genres, whether it's sword and shield's epic or going out into space or doing these portraits of greed and malfeasance, like he's done here, and he did, you know, I think all the money in the world. He's touched on these kinds of empty people in the European countrysides. Multiple times, even good years kind of basically this counselor too is very similar, yeah. Yeah, and I think that this just gave me a very good example of like, you know, you watch a lot of TV shows and you think that could be a movie and you see some movies and you're like, did you want this to be a TV show? And this is just something that I felt like everybody was in its right. Everything was in its right place. There were two very strong leads. There were three, very strong supporting performances. The sets and locations were incredible. And I don't know if you have to shoot ten hours and you're moving people in and out, whether or not you really get that pure fucking Tuscan hit of the sun..

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