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Met small as our producer, the top stories we're following for you today The commander in chief wrapping up visits as campaigner in chief over the last several days on the West Coast, CBS News correspondent Skyler Henry reports. He's got a real set of accomplishments and he needs people to know that. George Washington University professor Todd bell says the president's victory lap is equal parts campaign strategy and old fashioned political stumping and in states where races at the top of the ticket are tightly contested, some say a Biden presence based on his approval rating could make or break the outcome. Other senior party officials are expected to hit the campaign trail as the midterm straw closer, including former president Barack Obama on behalf of Democrats and former president Donald Trump to rally Republicans. Meanwhile, the current president will appear Tuesday night in the district for a speech with abortion rights in the spotlight Biden will President Biden will speak at a Democratic National Committee event at the Howard theater Tuesday night. With three weeks left before the midterms, the president and other Democrats are trying to make abortion rights as central focus of the campaign in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision, Dobbs V Jackson, that ruling in June. Police in Stockton, California say they have arrested a man they believed to be responsible for killing at least 6 men and wounding one woman, 43 year old Wesley brownlee with apprehended trest and black with a mask around his neck and carrying a semi-automatic handgun. Stockton mayor, Kevin Lincoln. We will use every resource at our disposal to make sure the people of our city are protected and feel safe. Police believe brownlee is responsible for the shooting deaths of 5 men in Stockton between July 8th and September 27th, authorities say they've also linked him to another fatal shooting in Oakland last year and the wounding of a homeless woman one week after that. We still don't know why a 15 year old male went on a shooting rampage Thursday in Raleigh, North Carolina, when it was over 5 people were dead, including the alleged shooter's brother. 9-1-1 calls released late Friday capture the horror when according to police, a 15 year old opened fire in a residential neighborhood in Raleigh North Carolina What kind of clothing is he wearing? He looks like he's like 13. Authorities say 5 people were killed, including the suspect 16 year old

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