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His agent said. In that statement, is that over the last couple of months, they've worked with the Patriots and Bill, Belichick, and Josh McDaniels to try to find a role and find a job in a path for Nicole area to be successful here. And it just got to the point after multiple conversations with the team that the agent and the kill Harry, sort of felt like, it's not going to happen here. And we've been saying this for a while we sort of written. In this off I would say last season. Really that there wasn't going to happen here but now we've formally get the trade request from n'keal Harry and the one last thing about the way to catch thing. You sign Hunter Henry, you signed Johnny Smith. You expect those guys to now be your RedZone contested cats, right receivers and targets. So where are the targets wage opportunity for n'keal Harry? Probably not here anymore. As we can get into a little bit. Now, what the Patriots might be looking for in a trade, what? They might get back in compensation for n'keal Harry wage. And I think that that is a good place to start is the draft. And at that point in the draft, the Patriots, there were some rumors about them shopping, a play, n'keal Harry out there. See like Arizona, potentially being interested. Maybe, I think that picked I was at thrown out there was like a early day, three pick like a fourth or fifth rounder that obviously didn't happen to you, still feel like the Patriots could get that way. Decent of, because the fourth round pick is. It's not nothing right, you know? Right. That's solid, and now that's performed under par, you know? Yeah. And now we know that, you know, there's this place value on the 2022 draft, so, you know, would you rather have the a 6 in 2022 or a fourth and twenty twenty-three? I mean, that's probably a conversation. We start having well key was found pick for a reason, and I think there are teams, especially if they need wide receivers who may be willing to, give something up to ensure that n'keal Harry doesn't hit the open market. So I I think he's dead. Get something for my see. A lot of people throwing out in D? Isabella, can they trade him for right? Right, things like that. I, I don't know that. That's what the Patriots are looking to do. I don't think they'd be completely against a player player trade, if somebody came along and wowed them, but part of the reason this is happening is there's no room on the roster for n'keal Harry. Are you going to get a player that is suddenly a lot to make the roster? I don't think you're getting a roster lock for n'keal Harry. So you know it, maybe if you think Andy Isabella, I'll use him as the example is a lock to make the Patriots roster..

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