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Don't let anyone ever rip you off. I am just on a slow burn on a particular topic. That is eating at me. We in the United States have an all volunteer military. If your time listener, you know, I believe we should have mandatory national service. The people have to do when they turn eighteen either in the US military or some kind of public service for two years. I think it's something we're missing in society. Now is the sense of common purpose, and I don't like the fact that military service is not a shared sacrifice in the United States anymore. We have the same small number of people being called upon to deploy again, and again, and again, it's sacrifice potentially of loss of life health or family. Continuous separation is not something that's healthy for most marriages. And we as a country of made certain promises to people who serve in the military one is that they have in return for the sacrifices. They make. They have certain rights involved with doing business with banks that the rest of us. Don't have went on active duty, what can happen with interest rates, whether you can be affected whether you can be foreclosed on whether your car can be repossessed there any even number of protections under the law that are being ignored ignored by banks the rules aren't being enforced. This is Ron Ron Ron. I appreciate so much that when people see folks in uniform that they applaud that they're thanked for their service, but let's put more meat behind that. And let's really do things to serve the people who were serving us. Another example, this one came out of Georgia. There's a there's a system set up in place that when the spouse of a military person. Is transferred know the military persons transferred to another state? The spouse is then given a waiver of normal professional licensing boards in that state. If they're in a profession that requires a state license recently a warrior in Georgia's husband was transferred to the military post. Fort Benning was refused. The right to practice law. Even though she was already a member of the bar. No doubt. This was all about simply. Protecting the warriors already in place and preventing someone from coming in as potential competition. I have to say, no doubt, and guess because the legal board that's supposed issue the waiver. Not only refused issue. It didn't say why. That is completely outrageous. And unacceptable. We need to do more than talk. A good game. We need to support our military personnel. And we as a country really need to think long and hard about what I believe so strongly through and through that all of us could benefit and our nation would benefit enormously. If there was a shared sense of service in our country. With mandatory service as part of the game. I believe the strong division in public life in the United States is because very few people that serve in elected office have any military background at all. Were you meet people from every walk of life? And it doesn't matter who you are where you're from. What your religion is what color you are? It's all about the one purpose of serving our nation. And I think that's part of the missing in understanding how much we share in common. Versus the differences. We have Mike is with us on the car coward show. Hi, mike. Hi clark. How're you doing today? Great. Thank you you want to start investing. A widow bid at a time. Yeah. I restaurant. I I always around the tip up to where even dollar amount just for convenience sake. And and tracking and last week. My son sent me a link to a company that does that. And I went onto the link, and it was asking for, you know, checking account number and credit cards that you would using and everything and I got scared. I closed it out. And I didn't know if it was legitimate or not because if it's not legitimate. I need to get my son out of it. And which one is it your son's using acorns acorns is the real deal. Oh, is it say acorns you pay? If I remember a minimum twelve dollars a year. To administer your account. Is that right? I didn't get that far. It. It is. Absolutely a okay. For you to use acorns and have it as a path to start building up some money for you for four years. And it is it's where money that might just kind of go in the ether instead goes into an investment account at very low cost. Sounds like it makes more sense to me are into a cruiser or like I do. Yeah. And, you know, investing investing for the long haul and the shorter term, you might put money in some of that at least temporarily but over time you can end up with a substantial amount of money a dollar here dollar their three year week through your year. And it's money that becomes painless. You don't even realize that it's vanished and gone into investing. So I'm impressed with what acorns is put together. That's awesome. It gives me a comfort level that. I can go out there. And then not worry about sharing information. I would feel absolutely fine. Investing with them. Awesome. Well, thanks for your information. I appreciate it. So I love this. Your son is teaching you things. Yeah. Absolutely. Didn't that great Ashley's with us on the Clark Howard show? Hello, Ashley, how are you doing? I'm doing great. Thank you. Actually. You've got a question for me. Let's see if I can help you with. Yes, I'm hiring a virtual assistant to help me with some of my mundane tasks such as paying for my laundry, maybe groceries and things like that. But it's through up work. And I know that you know, they're qualified people, but I want to be able to give her and believe pay something without risking credit score is violating my credit corporate agreement and things like that while minimizing my risk to. So you're gonna give this person the ability to make payments, but you want to make sure they don't destroy your credit and at the same time limit access that this individual would have to your funds. Absolutely, okay. I've got something. I like for that. And I've only one other time of I suggested it in a situation something like yours, but it seemed to fit and it's called Bluebird. Have you ever heard of Bluebird? No if you look at Bluebird dot com. It is a payment system that is a joint venture of American Express and WalMart. And so you're able to issue a Bluebird account to this individual, and they can do Bill payment for you. They can do transactions on the card. You can see every transaction. That's happening. And here's the best part, you control the flow of money into the Bluebird account. So you put you put in it only the money that you need this assistant to have to do the transactions that you need them to pay for and take care of great. That's exactly what I am meets exactly my requirements. So thank you. And the other thing with Bluebird read through all the all the ways at works is one. Is you jump through all the right hoops with Bluebird, you'll pay no fees at all to have this as an account for this assistant. Perfect. Now, you're only risk is. Let's say you do run into a problem with this individual. And you have let's just say for argument's sake. You've got three hundred dollars in the blue bird account at that time. And so you decide you gotta let this person go because they're not performing well or they have not proven to be, trustworthy, or whatever. The last amount of money you have on deposit that they have access to may. Well, be at risk. Absolutely. So, but you know, you know, the amount, and it would be capped by the amount that you had put in there that you've trusted them with. Yes. And that's a risk. I'm willing to take up to a certain dollar value. Okay. So it is of the possibilities. It's number one for what you're trying to accomplish. And I hope that you find that it works. Well for you. If it turns out that Bluebirds a bust, I need to know that. So I can take that information into account next time. I might talk about it. Darren is with us on the Clark Howard show. Hi Darren how are you today? Great. Thanks for the political. Certainly you wanna talk about your child or children. Yeah. I had a question. I'm almost as obsessed with credit freezes that you are. And my wife is accounts are frozen and we froze our daughters. We got a social security number. But my question is why do they even have credit files on minors? Or why do they even permit activity if they're not legally able to sign for any, you know, any hanger new accounts, so criminals are exploiting a loophole in how the three major credit bureaus do business. So the credit bureaus what they do is they they make money collecting data. They make money selling data today. Bill dossiers on on anybody who anyone reports credit activity on. So they didn't start off with the file on your young daughter. But what happens with identity theft and child identity? He is far more likely to occur than for an adult is someone will assume your child's social security number, and they'll do it for many, different reasons. Their favorite is that there's no history there. So they'll start applying for things as if they are not necessarily your daughter, but using her number, and so that's what creates the file with the credit bureaus. And while LA suddenly, the crook has taken over your daughter social security number and potentially created a whole new. Density. Because remember there was no pre existing record for your daughter. So what child credit freeze dies is the credit bureau actually creates an empty file for your daughter based on her name and her social security number, and then freezes it, which prevents anybody from applying for credit or doing things if they are the holder of that social security number. Gotcha. The credit bureaus are at cross-checking the social security number against a birthdate. Absolutely. Not. That would make too much sense. No that would cost them money. So the credit bureaus there's no necessity or even desire the credit bureaus to be very accurate. They're happy playing horseshoes close for them as good enough because accuracy would be expensive and it would reduce their net profits. So everybody understands in the winning business. The credit bureaus are an approximation of information. Not accurate information. You're listening to the Clark Howard show..

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