Paul Harvey, Bloomberg, Democrat Party discussed on Rush Limbaugh


God made a farmer Paul Harvey from nineteen seventy eight that was actually used in the two thousand thirteen Superbowl part of a Dodge ram truck commercial as the narration for the video of that commercial tensed tweeted that yesterday was no comment in response to what to Bloomberg and when everybody on the Democrat party Mrs is farming is is that they they will first as only two percent of popular so it doesn't matter I mean that you could you could lose all two percent of farmers and not not hurt your electoral chances farmers fit the deliverance AT model that the left and Democrats look at southerners as and what they miss is how this resonates not just with the two percent of farmers but with the vast majority of people in this country who are of abject appreciation understanding for everybody who's work makes life easier and they don't cotton to people like this being insulted the Democrats are are written I just totally oblivious to this the very the very idea that they are embracing a guy who has made repeated insulting comments about the very constituents the Democrat party claims to champion is an indication of how out of sorts Donald Trump has made them has rendered them they they are so discombobulated they're abandoning their routes they're abandoning their own base of voters they are allowing somebody who hasn't even been a Democrat when he sought elective office to come in and literally by their nomination and they are excited by and one one of the many deaths nails Hollywood all of a sudden expressing their admiration and love for Bloomberg and you know what that is that's simply this phenomenon known as people side going up to the rich no matter what something about the rich people will overlook every other characteristic bad or good about them if they've got money I guess on the on the pretense of somehow the rich are going to give them money and yet the Democratic Party is the party that says trickle down doesn't work because the richer munches selfish SO base here they are Sideling up the richest guy that's ever tried to buy political office here's Bloomberg this is February two thousand eleven New York City Michael Bloomberg the mayor Republican visiting a family is sitting shiver on the loss of a family member that's great we're going healthcare system.

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