Googles Pixel 4 gets a really, really early tease (The 3:59, Ep. 571)

The 3:59


The. Welcome to three Jinan Roger Chan. I'm Joanie Solomon Google decided surprised, everyone and dropping photo of the pixel forge next flagship phone and something that's supposed to come out until the fall. This is highly unusual. What do you think I'm here for it? Yeah. More transparency show us what you got don't. Let all these leaks legs set the tone in the conversation. That's true last. I mean, the pixel three light the budget phone was leaked completely before got launched Google does so maybe trying to get ahead way ahead of everyone. Right. One thing, one theory that are in lob opposed was idea that they teased out the square Cambe special multiple cameras. The iphone is also supposed to have one and traditionally, the pixel four launches the iphone. Maybe they just wanted to say, hey, we got here. I don't tell us where copying the iphone xactly. We were here first. All right. Let's talk about deep fakes and manipulate content. A video of Nancy Pelosi doctor to make her seem drunk made the rounds last week. Prizing was last week. Maybe two weeks ago, the surprising, how the different social networks, reacted Facebook kept the video, but added the fact check articles YouTube pulled Twitter actually kept on sort of suggests that like there really are no consistent rules about how social networks dealing with this content. And this seemed like they had no idea how to deal this content, and what experts say is that is a real flaw in, how're going to address, even more elaborate manipulations, like deep fix in the future. All the experts say what we need not only consistency in. In policies on social networks for dealing with it at the networks themselves, but also across that they engage with each other, and develop best practices also share resources, the only way they can really address these things if they worked together note that's not something, they're incentivized to do include be weren't in this situation rights, given how different Landale acted. And you listen to a house hearing on deep. Thanks there any highlights in terms of what they're talking about. It was definitely a theme throughout the conversation between the house representatives, and experts on the panel that social media is one of the key weaponization factors. Distributing, this sort of disinformation. And so it wasn't unreasonable for there to be these kind of questions that take these networks to task. Did you see the big Zucker Berg do? Yeah. Supercomputing all but and you know that came up on the panel like they brought up the Zakar thing. And one of the panelists experts noted, obviously, when this video says that Coburg says that I can control the future, obviously, that's not true because if he could he wouldn't be in the message and right now. So, you know, even the fact that I it is difficult. There are defects that are satire that are so Atlanta, they cannot actually believe it's hard to decide win something needs to be taken down under what circumstances, who target is. What are those? What are those rules yet? The point of the story that queenie wounded looking at the consistent reactions was. Yes. There's sometimes a line, their words. It could be parody. It could be commentary. And I think that's kinda wives social networks right now. Our little trapped in terms of like trap, but they're little befuddled in terms of how to deal with these videos. Right this content. Lastly, you want a review of a twenty seven inch Android tablet built into a GE oven hood, sticker price, only twelve hundred dollars a steel steel, would you want to put this thing on your oven plus side? Gotcha recipes and your YouTube videos on how great their in front of you in the pot. Yup. Downside putting all those Electric's right of an over. Yeah. Yeah. That's a little weird. The battery their power source. It's got all that, grease just like there's a lot of cleanup involved here. I don't know. It is on top of another hoods. Maybe. All right. That's one of the story. C J, Johnny. It's listening.

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