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We are seeing that these steve jobs theater on apple park and it is the first time that the press up large i believe will be going to up park and it's the first time that and van is going to be happening at the new campus theater that's right that's right it's a they sent they sent out the earth vps and they were all like an apple wallet and stuff you click and say i'm coming in than it adds a barcode your apple wallet which is different doesn't usually do that when you when you sign of usually it's just says reply to our svp you know whatever it apple dot com and tell them you're coming and then you get then usually you got an email from a pr person saying um did you get the invitation and he get another one saying it's great that you're coming and it's what i'm saying is it was really super uh not late low tech like not a system before and they actually have put in a a system this time conscious calm cool so new venue new system the whole the works so i was wondering what you're expecting from the venue and what apple could do to make it accommodating to the journalists that will be visiting well so apples history with these events it's really changed originally these apple events were very um a skull spartan for the most part and and as the pr team has evolved that they've changed it around a lot to make it more friendly i think the unkind waited would wait a put it would be to say that when steve and katie cotton were in charge and and ruling over the world uh they figure that the media would come and do what they say and it wasn't a big deal they would just have the weight and than yellen and then they sort of adding amenities to make it more comfortable like to be gracious hosts and things which again it's inside baseball it's i it's wellknown that journalists will eat whatever free food you provide that's works um but so this is the it will be interesting to see how far this goes wilder be um.

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