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When Gildo joining us, so many things to talk to Glenn about Glenn always great to have you on been a busy couple of weeks in Louisiana from cozy extension to the saints. Whatever you wanna call it. Good afternoon robbery. That's what it was. So what I ask you. I mean, what is the level of interest in Louisiana for Sunday's Super Bowl is is there any? Well, yeah, there's there's some interest. But there's going to be a lot less people from Vienna. Watching that Super Bowl, I think I know there's a bar do Orleans Tracy's popular sports bar that's gonna be show in the Saint Super Bowl from two thousand ten. The real simple zone. And there's this big party with lots of local musicians like Kermit rough and said are having a, you know, a party during the Super Bowl that does not include the Super Bowl. So it has a lot of anger about that. You know, that was that was a historically bad call that was like the stabler holy roller back in seventy eight. But that that game was if ever since outright groan probably the most wrong when since then. Glenn interested, and I've lived in that state, but I lived in north Louisiana so much. I got a really good field. But I mean, we know LSU is the state school. And everyone loves the Tigers does the draw the saints make its way all the way through the state or or is it primarily the central to southern part of the state. I'm going gonna tell you the saints have of Archer following in Louisiana. Then LSU does really the. But that's because and this this would be true if Alabama head an NFL team, Paul. I mean, you almost have to stay a hoot Saleh Bama in the state of Alabama because they're Auburn fan. Right. Okay. That's funny. So had that in the NFL when there's just one teen in the state. You know, nobody hates the saints in Louisiana, and might be some people Shreveport their cowboy fans that, but this that's very low number whereas this people in Lafayette from U L, L and rust and from Sanitec that kind of hate LSU night, quite as much as Auburn people hate Alabama. But but you don't have that hate of an NFL team. And and that I was reminded of that again during this aftermath of the sped call, you know, you can just. Really feel holiday saying fans are on the state and felt that the Super Bowl running. And when they almost got there again in eleven, and and you know, LSU has fans out some of like, just sippy. But I don't think as much as the saints and the saints of really big on the Gulf Coast. They go to that. When I worked in mobile, and whereas those those are Alabama people there, and there's a lot of things that Jackson the city, and you know, going back to our humanity. So so the seats in in a way have have more of a following LSU. Talking to blend give really interesting some of the and I realized that the saints have had a tortured relationship with the NFL, especially Roger Goodell disco. This goes back a long way, especially to the bountygate situation. Sean Payton being suspended for a year. Did that ever die down did that ever go away? And and how how much worse is this. This probably not as well. I'd say, it's it's pretty bad. I mean, it may be just as bad. I mean Goodell to the saints coach away for a whole year on a suspension, you know, people were thinking this suspension before winks or eight weeks, and he deserved a suspension. There's no question but a whole year. So it seemed like there was a personal vendetta from Cadel against Peyton. And you know, I haven't really heard that about this situation. But there's a lot of hate for Goodell. Still if it was wearing all at all, you know, it's it's it's back especially with some of his comments yesterday. And you know, he's talking about how the league still healthy and the rest are great and everything. And and the amazing thing is Goodell was instrumental in keeping the saints in New Orleans back after the hurricane. It was mainly Paul Tagliabue. But you Dell was. His point man in the city did a lot of work people. Forget that. I, you know, as mainly Tagliabue and the governor of Louisiana Doug Ford who runs the Superdome, really stopped..

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