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Up between now and then you're choosing to get worked up. I know it's frustrating back to the headlines. The red should be opening three-game series with the pirates. Great American ballpark. Tonight it would have been game. Fifty four of the regular season I would have had Kelsey Chevrolet extra innings after the game. Nhl The league announcing today they will abandon the rest of the regular season. They will go straight to the playoffs. Twenty four teams instead of sixteen if if they are cleared to resume play the top four seeds in each conference would play a round robin against each other for seeding. The remaining eight seeds in each conference would play a best of five series. They would do all this with two hub cities hosting the Games Columbus listed as one of the possibilities again this nhl today if they can get clearance and clear the hurdles with screening everything else. That is their plan to get back to hockey to hub. Cities playing the Games and Nfl Yahoo Sports reports. Nfl head coaches could return team facilities as early as next week with full squad. Minicamps potentially on the docket for mid to late June college football collectively the conferences and Television. Networks have agreed to an extension today for determining college. Football's early season gain times beyond the standard June. The first deadline high school football quarterback Jalen Kit son of former Bengals quarterback John Kit not one a few old announced his commitment to the Florida. Gators on twitter this morning. The three star recruit had multiple offers including Tennessee Arizona and Boston college and Congrats Bryant Neal the former Xavier Thomas. More women's coach takes over the women's program at Wittenberg today. Best of luck to him for everything else. Go to my blog. You'll find it at seven hundred wwl. W DOT COM on the blog right. Now I've gotTA look back to yesterday's anniversary of the reds the padres dusty harangue and eighteen innings. I have The weekend anniversary of the bengals franchise being founded if you missed interviews last week for Matthew Modine to Doug Flynn to Pat Brennan the enquirer talking. Fc Cincinnati Dave Miley. The former reds manager a chuck Weber the former cyclones coach and they anniversary of winning a Kelly Cup ten years ago. Rick Green Cup of coffee a reds pitcher in ninety nine or coli harvey among others. All of it always available in podcast form at seven hundred WWL W dot com all right. After the bottom of the Hour Kim Miller get checked in and very excited about dad came has done a number of. He's a local filmmaker and has done a number of projects involving the reds but his project is on Ezzard Charles the legendary Cincinnati boxer. We'll get his thoughts on that I do want to. Maybe before the hour is up. Get into a little bit more on what the NHL has come out with today and how they are planning to basically say all right. We're leaving behind our regular season. The remaining games will not be played. Here's our setup and the setup including doing all this the playoffs into NHL cities then the back half of the seven o'clock hour. We'll get into some bowling lanes opened up or at least able to open up to today. Air Guy Todd McGill from Coleraine. Bowl will check in vic amen the king of TV bowling. And then Richard Skinner. I kind of went down the rabbit hole today of King of TV bowling and the site. And it's a youtube channel has a gazillion the old king of TV bowling shows and man. I'm why I'm watching all the hosts through the years. Jack Moran John Popovich did it for a short time. I think hurt George. Vogel's voice on one of those Todd Donohoe Fred Khalil. Richard Skinner did a couple of those. Join us in the eight o'clock hour and talk about that but let's do this. Let's get you caught up on the news of the day and when we come back. Kim Miller local filmmaker on his Charles Product or project is we continue our check on news. Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred. Wwl W TODAY. Six thirty eight seven hundred. Wwl W Arnelle carriers sports dot presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on Lions mcallister. Saturday walk and our next guest big fan of his work. He is a local filmmaker and writer and composer jack-of-all-trades He resides in Dayton Kentucky. He's done over Over forty seven short films since two thousand at five. He's featured today at great piece by Shannon Russell on they have led by the way he's done a project on the professional baseball team that Covington Blue Sox with played in the Federal League back in nineteen thirteen the nineteen nineteen world series crosby field. His latest project is on the legendary Cincinnati Boxer Ezzard Charles from our on that pleasure to welcome in Cam. Miller how are you I am doing well? How about you good there? I am fantastic is great to catch up with you. Let me do this for someone listening right now who who might have just said who was. Charles. Give them the cliff notes. Give 'em a couple of bullet points about who Charles was. Well I think he he was champion and to come from Cincinnati's west side and to make it out of their back in the forties and the fifties and come out of that that environment To to fight the likes of Rocky Marciano Joe Lewis. He needs to. He beats with his idol. Did his story so fascinating. Drives around town knows as Charles the street the road but they don't know that there was a man behind that street name and there's a reason why he was a champion of hard work of course a lot of luck but I just don't think that enough people know about his greatness and I hope that I can do small parties and just Kinda give him his due. Take me back three or four years ago. You're in Washington pirker drinking a cup of coffee and you decided it was time to do it as Charles Project. I'm sitting there. I'm having a cup of coffee and as these two young gentlemen and they're arguing one says hey as a child. He's a musician knows a politician. And I'm just shaking my head thinking I want to go over their phone. Their fate Google. This is Charles but I already had an idea about doing a film but that really set in motion that aspect of it and then watching the Dave Parker a documentary that was last year. That got me really excited because of the westside connection that neighborhood that rough and tumble area that Kinda get to go off the over. And the the greatness that came out of there and other Charles is one of those guys Tim. How do you begin? Researching guy who fought in forties and fifties and died forty-five years ago Thursday of this week. Right it was. I stumbled upon a book by William Debt. Lost The ring the Ring magazine and he has a fantastic book going through Youtube. Just watching clips. Just it was unbelievable. How this guy who was known as a kind of a meek. He's really boring guy. I mean he was shot by he. Ransom fights as a kid he didn't want to be involved but when you put him in the ring he became beast. And I think that there's a story there. You might have been boring and you might have not had the glamorous the Mike Tyson esque you know streetfighting persona but he. He just woke up into this vs when he got in the ring and the likes of who he fought. It's unbelievable the local filmmaker Cam Miller checking in tonight for a few minutes his latest project as Charles I I loved and we traded notes this morning when a boxer gets ready to fight he has to get his mind in the right frame in and get going in to get in the right frame. You were buying things on ebay. You know how that goes you. WanNa get it pumped up so I'm programs ticket stubs and looking up things what can I get? I'm trying to make t shirts and then of course do that. You pay the Rocky Soundtrack. Yawning imaginary polly. And the next thing. You know you're in the zone and you're ready to go the Tigers last in the right frame of mind to make much. I love it now you were. You were already into this one in the pandemic hit. Talk to me about the complications there right. I had scheduled some interviews that I wanted to do. But it's kind of one of those things that's well. This happened but it it could have been for the best because he completely changed dynamic film. I went for making this. You know typical last dance. Kind of documentary. You're talking to people about what happened in going into and just letting Ezzor tell his story. What did he want to say? I'd go through all the interviews. I go through clips. Where in a radio broadcast.

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