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So she does a foia request, which is how you get the freedom of information act, request on her family to try to, you know, make this movie and she's denied and denied until she gets to the point where they finally say that they have thirty three thousand pages of documents that have her family's names in it, and you're just like what's at the surface level. The movie can have is about her going about this very legal process of getting the foia paperwork from the government. But it also is so much about how we have this quote, paranoia of the government, watching us in her dissection in this movie. It's actually fat like she's able to document that the government is actually watching us, absolutely. And it was very scary. But it was also just beautifully in a highly recommend everyone to go, watch it, it, you can't watch it this weekend in the theater. I think it's an LA for a limited run. It should be on PBS this fall. So just keep an eye out. Mentioned on the podcast before it comes out. But I see a great job. Awesome. I can't wait to see it. I can't wait for you to watch it too. I wanna talk to you about it after tonight tonight. That's a good idea, Mike. Good Muslim award goes to fuck D'amoto, Kamara a young black Muslim woman who was tacked in the Bronx by some teenagers while she was on a bus they followed her as she got off the boss and one snatched, her purse from her one attacked her and broke her nose. They also pulled off her head jab so lots of violence there. And of course, the NYPD's response to this was that. There was no evidence of this happening lies. So the reason that I want to give us a word to Tamata is because she went and investigated this herself. So she like Asiya been Dowie went looking to find out, whether you know, this all happened in her head, or it was actually. Yeah. And she just basically approached the vendors who had cameras, right because we have cameras. Yeah. By the bus stop. And so, yeah, two of them gave her their footage amazing. And she forwarded that to NYPD, which had, you know, their response was, oh, we hadn't previously been aware of this. That's what investigating is. You're supposed to go. Find out but of course like shade cheated their job for them, which is like, basically, like an entire poem about black womanhood in America thing. Yeah. And they ended up moving forward with the investigation, so. Get caught. I not sure I know that there's a rally or there was a rally in, in the Bronx to support her feel like she should use the same lawyer dean used. Yeah. My sue that my PD L. Yeah. I agree. NYPD has obviously not done their here. Absolutely irresponsible point where. Yeah. I mean it's like purposeful. Right. Yeah. Like you just basically erase everyone's experiences or you say that there were lying. Or do you do know, labor to actually protect or to serve, so? Well, good on thought to Mata I mean sad, this happened to her, but I'm so proud of her for doing this work to protect yourself. Same here, very worthy of goodness. Moored absolutely nothing ever show, part chant is in thank you so much for being here. Rhonda, thank you to have you. It was really show. Yeah. Where can people find you? You can find me at Rhonda terrar- everywhere. And. Graham Twitter, Facebook. I'm not really on his much, but Renoir dot com. You can also go to the beautiful internet and plug in my name, and a lot of stuff comes up that is haram. Yeah. So. And you have a book coming out soon, I have a book coming out next year with catapult. It is a book of nonfiction. It's called love is an ex country. Love it. Love the title to read it. I'm such a fan of yours, as you obviously know, and so excited heavy on our show. Thank you. I'm excited to be here and to just be friends and be able to hang out and be bad as Muslim women together, and we definitely misses ARA. Rocking up in the bay. But I feel like you were a good replacement..

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