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They're robbing you so that they can find a way to fund their life. Yes, that robbing while inconvenient and while I don't condone it is no different than white people. Robbing your pockets every day through economic means banking systems. Bernie Madoff Hoover the fuck he was. I don't if with them and this. So yes, I don't wanna get. I think the violence and I think the robbing and all these things that are sort of assigned to people of color really. Again, it is those are the things that are signed to people that don't have much money and that person can be any color. Right? But we constantly hear the story of the black guy, the black woman at robbed in this and that nobody talks about the hillbilly. Right? So they're up to. They everybody has a little thing out there. Called meth. Yeah, them do tussle. Wow. The meth hustles leather says WalMart was all. Yeah, yeah, they are look, man. You're just trying to get some new underwear and maybe pick up a large fry at the McDonalds at WalMart. And then you'll see like a like a cousin. You haven't seen it ten years now was like teardrop tattoos. And yeah, looks like a an outta work muppet. And you're like both. That happened to you there, Gina and. Get spun on real quick. Yeah, I, it's been great. Yeah. So has soldier how this happen, hope you're not. You are the second choice because the initial choice that I told you to discuss the my fed up nets moment. The MTA was city a Nixon from sex, and the city is running for governor because at that moment, I'm like another Cuomo shit. I'm so frustrated with how this companies ran, at least in that moment. And I'm like, I don't want to root for celebrities to just get. I think we need to get back to, you know, people know politics. I'm like, YoM, get maranda in the studio. I am not a registered democrat, and I'm registered no party. I so I can't vote in the primaries. You were my first choice because when he said that I knew that was gonna have no parts of this. She would love you get you maranda loves she would. But I mean politics aside. That's what's going on now. And even in the union, they just endorsed governor Cuomo my union TWU. Discussed that with us. Right. You know what I mean? Especially with things that are going on? Well, I think you know what it is, and this is what this is. What. In all of the views about the express. None of us joined Riley or things Madam, but I take them on myself if they wanna cosign later, they can. When decisions are being made like that, it is in the Union's best interests right to if it is not going to represent everyone until tally it is best for them to stay out of matters like that. Unfortunately, the history of unions is very political because that's where it came from, and unfortunately, and I'm not saying that this is your union, but I am saying unions in general, have started under with the backs of mobs and things like that, and people sort of running those like little lascivious lifestyles and things. So it was never a, the union was always for the white guy, right? So that he didn't have to disenfranchise after the Prussian and all of those things and finding away from him. And this thing I'm telling truth because James has to go to the bathroom. The truth, take liberties. I drank a lot of soda, the water. This weekend's wrestling, no one cares. I'm looking at your eyes. You tell me this off the mic for Joanna. Maranda I, I love him around. I want. The longest exit to the bathroom of experience in my life. It was like, oh, my God, put diary Frank. Yeah. Now he's guilty. Let's say this. Let's get it was change topics while he's gone. This is the perfect time. One of the things I wanted to talk about with you is you produce a lot of comedy shows now want to give it back around a little bit to our listeners. Okay. Well, I have fifteen years in the business. I just posted a t of bro Boston comedy club used to hang out. So I've been doing comedy about fifteen years and I love to perform, but I also realized coming up that I didn't have the mentorship that.

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