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More than 15,000 acres, 400 homes have been evacuated north of Wilson Street, east of Sunset Avenue and west of Hathaway, straight in banning and the banning bench area and on those north of cherry valuable Apart between bone Want in Highland Springs Avenues. We've just been up here a year, so it's kind of scary. It's not scary, but I'm I'm angry. I'm honest and angry that somebody could Intentionally like this, Um, it just burns me. Resident Brian Kwan and his family had to evacuate yesterday afternoon. One home to outbuildings. Some cars and a boat have been destroyed by the fire and evacuated. Evacuation center is set up at Beaumont High. The fire is 0% contained. 23 year old woman hiking near West Hills has been airlifted out of the area. Firefighters and paramedics were called in to help the hiker yesterday morning Fire says she was taken to the hospital in critical condition with a heat related illness. The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the Pomona Police Department. The union is suing over an officer that allegedly killed three people this year, possibly in violation of a new state law that Titan's guidelines for the use of deadly force. A standard for the use of deadly force has been changed from reasonable under a given set of circumstances to necessary. The union says. The Pomona PT is using public funds to train officers in the use of force methods. They conflict with the new law. And a great American character actor is gone after Wilford Brimley has died after being sick for more than two months with a kidney ailment. A former bodyguard for Howard Hughes Brimley was also a U. S Marine and a horse Wrangler before turning to acting is 77. TV and movie credits include gems like The Kindly Geriatric In the 1985 film Cocoon, I Guess Me and Your Grandma are going away. David.

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