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I thought i was on the tangent no the mandates that i take um um for my face are actually blood pressure medicine and i can't take two i can't have too much potassium in my system or really it'll give me a heart attack by the way visions of restless legs syndrome and the world's most over pressurise it right the things you learn about your wife ana pod yet right so so this medicine works really well for my face okay so i've been taking it for 10 we're not looking free medical history we're talking about trying to buy drugs in thailand rate so but for for the year when i lived in the states i had to have a prescription for it when i got here i showed them the list of drug names and things like that and they were able to get a a hold on back back back right back dole conceded this conversation is that you can buy whatever prescriptions you want in thailand so that's covered right right so there's a prescription you're trying to find in thailand a single prescription you're trying to find a timely well it comes under different names what do you mean different companies make it and so it comes under different names so you're talking about the same thing like you can't buy i can't buy a leave erase country because they don't make a leave right they make a naproxen variant but it is only the called naproxen it's called something else much like you can't buy what are you take tunnel which is we would call acetaminophen bring us not true over here it's paracetamol right paracetamol an aim soviet all of our our people in the uk listening going will yet dumb asked we call it percy them all i get you on that so things will have different names yes okay so right so you're drug which you even know what it is what it does for you it could be acme it could be blood pressure medicine it could be here therapy is one.

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