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It with you. Because after I bust out here, I wanted to go get some things from the store. And somebody just reported. James Ex said that when they were at the store I walked in and as a food store, and they had lines of people like you can't believe kind of like when they had the of the original. Murder virus panic when people had shopping carts full of chicken and beef that they'll never eat and 15,060 roll packages of toilet paper. Is that panic back on now? Seriously, Can we get a report on that? Is anybody shopping out? There has been shopping recently today. Ah, it would it would. It would possibly stand to reason given that everybody's freaked up by everybody's boarding up right now that I think there's going to be some kind of onslaught of Biden supporters and bide voters in the streets busting things up. I read something earlier, in fact, that we find the stand here if I printed it out. In the on the move to get people ready for any type of violence is going to take place tonight by Joe Biden Voters that want to revolt because they don't like the the results of the election. And it's not a good even matter at a at a certain point whether Joe Bond wins or loses, not goingto win, but But let's say, for example, I do they don't care. Now it is about No. The Biden supporters in the street are straight up. Antifa. Black lives matter, and they want a communist slash socialist revolution in America. That's what they want. And they want nothing less so and they wanted as violently as they get it. They want to terrorize people. They think that you would if you live in a suburban home or some place in a nice home world. They think you're a straight up thief. Are still in that land. How dare you live there? You live there so that other people can't That's what this is all about, anyway. Ah! I'm wondering if that's what the panic is. I don't know. I mean, people are boarding up their stores right now they're boarding up there. The window's all over in urban areas. I don't know if they're boarding of rural e. I'm sure that really there were only just port. They're not boarding up so much of their putting sniping positions at the place. They don't play out there in the country. Ah! But anyway Oh, I know what it was, and I'm going. I'm going to get the metric slightly skewed, but it was something like Ah! Per city. I think when you did the math and divided by how many people they've put in play meeting, the National Guard called in to play whatever it came down to, like, Maybe 60 people per city that's absurd. When Joe Biden supporters going to the streets when Joe Biden voters going to the street and they start trashing city blocks, they'll have, like 20 over here toward him over here, 20 more and they'll be like in their most benign form. And it is horrible. They do, but they're most benign. From there. Go in broad daylight. Walk down the street screaming, disrupting everybody's outside cafe lunch or dinner, walk in and start harassing white people. They don't harass black people there as white people, and then what they'll do is they'll start knocking their food over on the table. Colin, I'm racist pigs, blah, blah, blah. So they ruin everybody's day. That's the most benign state. Their most lethal state is. They're literally are throwing firebombs at People at buildings and they're saying now they're gonna be armed. So is that is that why people are people panic buying now? Just curious. Again. We have a report that in Plymouth of all places when the coolest cities in Michigan I guess so. Let's see. What does it say here? Whatever the checkout lines were bent to the back of the store and around the black or whatever. Again. The panic buying things in America is disturbing. It's disturbing on a couple of levels. It says that corporate America Has not only think about this It says that corporate America has not only ceded to black lives matter and ah, the China murder virus and antifa. If they run out of supplies and stuff, there's no there's no reason for that. It also says that on the other piece of that, when they start writing checks and trying to humor them and contribute to them what they do hugely, so You got like Cisco, Microsoft Walmart. Ah, you name it. You name it There. They peel off checks to buy five man because I think I'm going to prove that I'm not racist. Aah! About the stupidest thing you could do that That was the old linen. It was, Lenin said. They will sell us the rope with which we hang them, meaning he's the capitalists. Yeah, And that's that's what's happening with corporate America. Do you think that black lives matter is going to say Oh, thank you for supporting us. Kidding me? They're gonna drink screw cap wine. From the skull of their adversary. Don't doubt that Do not doubt that Ah, and that's what's going on out there. So staff supporting these revolutionaries thesis addition, ist but again, there's anybody hearing my voice is microphone out. Hello? Is anybody anybody out there Cruising around right now? That just came from us. Meyera, Kroger, Whatever what else is out there? I don't know. Polly's market. Yeah. Polly's market. Anybody out there that's running into people Call it gorging. Big. They want to do that now, by the way, because of the murder virus panic. In fact, when you go to buy paper product will say only one per customer. They're going to check out if you got more than one. And I doubt that at the time people were thrown in like £12,000 of chicken. Those. Maybe it's that maybe at freezers I don't know, but I hope that panic buying is not going to get that is so stupid. You know, As a result of that to this day to this day, you can't get far or nine. Or Mr Clean. You can't find it anywhere effect. People say Well, you get online. No, you can't You go get it online and you ordered and they'll come back. Probably the day, same day or our date to later And they say ah, can not deliver this product Have they stopped making it Now. Excuse I got It's all going to hospitals..

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