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Today's former coach, Geno Auriemma and Sylvia, Hatchimal North Carolina. Barbara Stevens also division to Bentley only one on the men's side you had Mike. Sheesh. Ascii with a thousand words now again, footnote there, Jim boeheim has been a part of a thousand twenty nine wins. But he had one hundred one of those vacated in two thousand fifteen which I think is just ridiculous. Vacate thing is ridiculous right to me. Hymens over thousand as well. But in the books, it's not gonna show that, but you know, c Vivian stringer. Congrats to her, you know, it was just a matter of when not if for her no doubt about it. And again, she joins a very exclusive community here is C Vivian after the win. I can never explain it. It's it's amazing. I don't even have the words. I tried to anticipate what that would feel like, and I've just been totally awestruck with everything. It's it's a lot of years. I know that might. Was my brother-in-law who helped me, and he said I said, I'm so glad that you came. And he said, hey, we've been following you for forty years. The ball. Now. I thought this was really cool. So after what went down last night confetti dumped on her head by the rest of the team. She got lead over to a director's chair underneath the basket. And she wants video tributes from the inside the NBA coup crew Kobe Bryant, David Stern, Billie Jean King Whoopi, Goldberg and all the other living D one coaches from the thousand wind clubs so pretty cool. In a lotta these moments again when you get up here, your peer group gets smaller, but the respect from that peer group in seeing that foreign accomplishment like this. I always feel like that's got to be a pretty cool moment being recognized by the other people that have done it the level. You have is something. That's so unique about really any form of accomplishment. But sports in particular when you're when your group can fit in a booth at a restaurant, pretty good. Very good law group, I covered civilian when she was when when when I was doing the women's final four for seven years. Just really looked her teams play great defense. They always get after it. So congratulations to her once.

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