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Fox News. I'm Chris Foster. It's the ninth day of Israeli air strikes and rockets flying over the Gaza border into Israel. Despite President Biden expressing support for a cease fire, there's no sign of that happening. Eyes ready Fighter jets launched a new wave of air strikes on Gaza this morning. Palestinian Militants keep firing rockets in the other direction. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu old Horseshoe that said operations will continue until common security can be restored boxes so no. One Palestinians in the region around straight today protesting the air strikes. Inspector who missed a crack in the Mississippi River Bridges fired a drone discovered the crack on the bridge spanning the Mississippi between Arkansas and Tennessee. The six lane Interstate 40 Bridge was shut down last week after the fracture was discovered. Traffic is being rerouted to another span about three miles away Boxes, which Tennison Erica's listening to Fox. Oh, my God. I just stop you Do man from the access WD when honey Chevrolet newsroom. I'm B J. Williams Lieutenant Governor Jeff Duncan says he's not getting out of politics, but he will not run for re election. We'll have that story and others for you in just a moment. Looks like that earlier wreck we had on us. 1 29 in White County has been cleared up. I'm Caleb Puncheon's. I'll have a full look at traffic after news and weather you might be worried about the mostly cloudy skies. Is there the possibility of a renegade shower? Your forecast is coming up mornings on Main Street with Bill Main Georgia's.

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