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Toyota and Valparaiso University and Anthony's foundations got a really cool auction going on to raise money for the foundation, which does so much for people battling cancer, both the person battling and the family affected around them. Anthony joins us now for his weekly hit. All right. Where is I'm not going to labor over last night. How did we get here? Like How did this happen? Yeah. Uh, just Just baseball. It sucks. It's uh You know, we It was like a month ago or last win, but it was no hitter there in L A and First game going out West. Get that win and just It is scared, and it seems like our offense is we're just not scoring more than 23 runs. Four runs, Um And then obviously game in and Milwaukee crushed us, But, um I mean, bitch. Just one of those neighbors just gotta desperately going to win somehow, some way going to be a weird win. But we just got to get one. Okay, so You were a little kid. In 1997. The Cubs started all in six. That's how they started the season and they lost the two really amazing teams. The Marlins who would win the World Series and the Braves, who had Maddux, Glavine, Smaltz and Avery, they come home. I take the keys to the then that the radio station had. I drive it up to Wrigley and I said, I'm going to do the radio show from here and I am going to sleep in the van till the Cubs win a game. They started on 14. I didn't know that. Yes, I I knew I was in trouble. First, I had Mark Grace dropping chicken off to eat. I had Doug Glanville knock on the van door and then the team got back really late at night. And I opened the van door and it's the manager. It's Jim Riggleman. And I'm like, Hey, Riggs. What are you doing it like whatever time it was in the middle of the night. He's like Dude, you're going to be here a while we suck, and it went to 14. And I finally got out of there Now, Glanville, text me I got these people are reaching out. They want me to live in a Tent. In the Wrigleyville area to you win again. Any thoughts on that. I can't believe we're here. I I Obviously, I I can't believe it either of Player. We expect to win every day when every day and every game, but If you if you do do the tangible hot so you're gonna have to bring make sure you just pack appropriately. Um, she stay hydrated, but I mean, it's just Losing is not fun and in this part of the season before the All Star break. Um It's just It's not fun, and we have to find a way to win a game and Obviously easier said than done, but Um I mean, we just have to win. That's it. So do you think I should do this? Because I said to Danny at the break, Okay. If I do something, whatever it is tent or some kind of Goofy thing to help. You know, the cause I want to. I raised a lot of money last time. I'd like to raise even more this time and have it go to your foundation. So do you think I should do this? You have any suggestions? Doesn't have to be in a tent. It could be something else. I mean, honestly, I just I think that It will be a waste of time because we're going to go out tonight and get a W So It's my optimism, but if you were to do something Then I mean Sure. I don't know. There's some nice Wrigleyville bars. I'm sure would host you there for a few days. Yeah, Leader Murphy's and Bernie support he reached out you can live in our place. Um But it's just I mean, and the called the House on the inside. We've been rallying and doing Things needed. Obviously, nothing is working to this point. But, um I mean, W is definitely on the horizon. Okay, so I had people texting or demon or tweet in questions. They got a lot of them. So what is it like in that room Because I likened it to. There's this guillotine hanging over the door where you walk into that beautiful clubhouse and You don't know who it's going to chop first because of being 8.5 back, and we're in the month of July. Is there this feeling in the room of impending doom? Like Anthony. They want to see you upstairs or Anthony Jed's on the phone or Javi or Chris or Craig or whoever it is or it's not even thought about. I mean, it's definitely were We're all humans. And if this is a business and You know, it's definitely There definitely is some sort of elephant in the room on that aspect, but The same time. Being professional. You've come in and you have a job to do, And it's you know, starts come in and out. But This is when you have to stay committed to the process is for the forest and do all the cliches and answered of philosophy to is do all the cliches and keep your head down and just continue to keep working. Um But when you go to a school like this, it doesn't matter. What's going on the outside. It's just it's just about winning as competitors. Uh, You know you. You tell everyone, I'll lose anything. Uh, 10 times in a row and It's just frustrating. You're going to face Aaron Nola tonight. I know area has had his struggles that that loss and I was at the game in Milwaukee last.

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