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Player in the in college basketball at a slight separation of a shoulder. He's definitely going to miss some time. Cam reddish also didn't play in this game at all with an illness. Maybe you're finding out a little bit something about the depth of Duke in this one as they were things were going well before trae Jones went out and not so much afterward. And I think coach K more upset at the defensive side giving them ninety five points as they did to Syracuse. They have struggled with his own, and we all know about this own Syracuse plays, but they didn't put up ninety one points, but they shot horribly nine for forty three from three point land, the most threes taken under coach K, and again, obviously, they were a little dinged up. But just enjoy Jim boeheim all of his splendor after the game reveling in the win knowing what it means knowing what it doesn't mean. And then just taking shots and the debuting is tidy seven minutes set for his stand up. Routine. Williamson's just he's he's hard to handle. We're got a decent seven two defenders six nine six six two big. And we're trying to get back in there. Ottoman making change. He sold some stuff up this hard. And it goes in. Really hard then when he goes outside and makes those. That's hard to do. It's hard to defend him. He's he's he's a he's a physical specimen. He's lake. Charles Barkley was except he shoots in Charleston. And he's not as fat. So. Charles will combat. He'll he'll have something for me there. But now, he's a he's a different player me. There's not I haven't seen many players. I haven't seen really any player like him. And the limited time I've been in college. He's embarrassingly player. He's just he's just a great player Jimmy skits his shots, and listen when you hit that age where you know used to be a little negative ties. And now, it's just like, hey, I get my zingers and say what I want to say. And we move on. What's the whole thing? You want to be comfortable in your own skin. Yeah. I think Jim is extremely there right now taking shots at at Charles Barkley. We'll wait for Charles to respond to that. We will see it. Also, by the way, we'll see how Duke response after this loss. I assured trae Jones will not be ready to go by Saturday and they play undefeated Virginia on Saturday. So nice match up there and Mike chefs ski, look, we're not we're not going to sound the alarm here. Because look as a lot of freshman. They're gonna lose every once in a while it happens they had some injuries. But Mike chef skis going full thoughts and prayers please for our team there bumps in the road along the way for a lot of a lot of people. This is a very difficult night for basketball program in our team. And we'll. Yeah. We'll figure out ways of handling it. Somehow, someway, I have a feeling they'll find a way to carry difficult night. Flight of it's going to be when trade Jones is better. Correct and practice. The next day will probably also help. With trending and staying at basketball. How about James harden, by the way, again, I think we need to really appreciate because it does seem to get lost in the shop. Shuffle. Like when Russell Westbrook averaged a triple double two seasons ago, and we gave them the MVP. And then he did it again the next year. We're like, yeah. We're over at. Let's appreciate these things. James harden a season. I fifty seven points, including a rockets first half record thirty six as they took down the Memphis grizzlies one twelve ninety four it breaks a tie Mikey had with Kobe Bryant. Yeah. That's the modern day record analysis. The seventeen games the thirty points. Wilt Chamberlain has the Alzheimer record has done it twenty times. So he's right in that neighborhood whenever in the neighborhood of Wilt Chamberlain. It's pretty good neighborhood to be there's no doubt about that. It's a good neighbor. And but we know that type of shooter harden is easy MVP favorite. I'm sure right now. But you know, he seemed very unimpressed with it after the game because listen, they know where they have to go and they're doing it without Eric Gordon right now without Chris Paul right now. They just lost. Clint cappella they're big man for four to six weeks. You guys been averaging seventeen twelve and a couple of blocks game sign that big deal eighty million in the off season. So they're going to be without him. A I know just matters about when you get to the playoffs. But maybe they'll get Chris Paul back at the end of the month. We'll see where they're seated. They're not gonna I doubt. They're going to be with all these injuries. Be the top seed like they were last year. They just got to get those guys healthy at the right time sees well if they can just win their division at the southwest division, southwest division. So we're all impressed with what James harden is doing oddly enough one person. That isn't impressed is James.

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