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And the other thing that really annoys me about this is that the sport just has no sense of irony because if it had any sense of irony, it would have been Aston Martin that blew the budget by like 10 million bucks despite finishing 9 in the standings. It would have been much funnier as the story. And yet here we are with an actual serious potentially serious implications in this story. Very irritating, very annoying. But this will go forever. You may never end. We might all die before this finishes, so just, you know, just take it one day at a time. That's all we have to drive market because that was the other big thing that happened this week wasn't it. Pierre gasly is going to help. We will form a French super team with Esteban ocon, they hate each other. That's going to be good fun. They've tagged a lot of awkward photos together over the course of the last week. It's incredible. Which means the next is going to alpha tauri despite that he with no disrespect to him being neither young, nor Red Bull driver. I say he's not young. He's 27. He's about to be 28 years old. He's still pretty young, but, you know, he's not Yuki tsunoda young, is he. And it does also mean a bit of a kick to the teeth of all of the Red Bull juniors who are having a crack out there in the bad wide world of formula two. And all my Nick de vries wins is a form of a championship, which is pretty good, I guess. And he's straight in and he's got these Formula One debut. Yeah. I'll tell you what, we all thought Oscar pierce through had a lot of hype around it when McLaren absolutely fell over itself to try to sign him. AlphaTauri of Nick de vries on the basis of quite frankly, one Grand Prix performance. Which is either a strong endorsement or a lot of pressure. Let's retrospectively, let's find out what happens this time next year. Talking about Cal stefanovic show. So it's going to be, it's going to be interesting. Okay, we'll be interesting. Because you'll be up against Yuki tsunoda as well, is the established driver there now, I guess, but he's coming in as a more experienced driver. But on the other hand, I mean, he did have that good debut in Monza, but it does also sort of struck me today I don't know if this means disrespectful to either driver, but it does have shades of Brendon Hartley around it, doesn't it? Like he rocked up as a LeMond winner and wick champion, I think. He certainly is in any case. And then just didn't really cut it against gasly. Now I need to raise a little bit more embedded in Formula One through Mercedes a little bit he's done all those practice drives and has now done an actual Grand Prix, but it was one Grand Prix. You know, it doesn't always translate does it like formula E title, formula two title couple of years ago now. There is a lot of high random. You're right, there's a lot of hype. We've got a lot of drivers next to your rocking up with a lot of hype to do well. And that could be ugly. Now very much. And yeah, it is shocking that you do have in this sort of reshuffle of this is a Mercedes junior. That's his malt is why it's quite telling that the best candidate for one of the most prized Red Bull sites on the grid has been given to a Mercedes prodigy. It's quite staggering, but this is the new normal. We all are having to get used to. Well, our Red Bull prodigy has gone to Williams in Alex Albon and another one's gone to Alpine and then the last one who was went to Alpine they went to McLaren and having sacked and the other ones are Aston Martin, so it's sort of like the young driver programs are all a bit cool. Now, I think that's why Alpine's talking about getting rid of it. 'cause it's not good. I never end up where they've been to go, so it's all a bit confusing. But these of course means, I mean, they're always meant to cement this weeks ago, but he's confirmed that he's used his own human mouth to say the horrible words that are Daniel Ricciardo won't be racing next year, not in Formula One. He says not in anything, in fact, he's gone out of his way. He's got out of his for people commenting on Facebook, listen carefully. He's got it out of his way to say he's not going to be a bathroom. Please stop saying he's not going to be there. You might watch it, but he's not going to be racing in it. It's the said no. He said no. But he won't be racing Formula One a that turns out in 2023 because it doesn't want to, well, I'll say it's available. We just want either of them. We just want to go to hassle Williams teams. And he says he's aiming now for 2024, but I mean, it is a risk. This is an enormous risk, and as you said earlier, this is sabbatical asterisk at the end of this year. Yeah, big time. So yeah, even the whole, I'm not sure what you heard in Suzuka Michael, but it's just we're all relying, but best case, the best case scenario when we heard everything kind of occur. We thought that he's going to say it McLaren. Okay, Nara, Matt will clearly has no other choice but to go to Alpine. Okay? Maybe maybe he locks America, so maybe Haas will actually do him some good. So now we're resigned to the fact we'll be quite happy if he ends up a reserve driver at Mercedes. But I don't even know if that's ever going to be. A possibility for him. By then. It's weird because have you asked me like two weeks ago, I would say that's ridiculous. It's a wacky rumor that's been started, I don't know, in some way. Same people he says he's gonna go to bath test, I guess, probably saying that. But he said it in Singapore, even same Mercedes obviously. But he said that being a reserve driver is a realistic option for him. He's really for a driver who has over the last month since he's been sacked and even beforehand when it was clear he was brought by must be included in him that he was probably going to be sacked. Who's gone out of his way to not say the wrong thing to not mislead at least he has left it vague from time to time as everyone falling on does, but he's never done my Sergio. Why don't your parents do what he's going to make? You admitted these outright lies to questions. You never done that. As far as we know, that.

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