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One is in there I would think there's an above average that revealing to you got to watch the show he'll take care thanks for coming on thank you yes Gil Brandt okay what a gentleman that cause great top all of them all day that's old school I guess I was pretty sectoral Campbell made the list I feel like girl cable they suffer gotten totally but he's certainly not a name you here as often as you hear a Barry Sanders or any number of of the don't want to know the running backs who made it we mentioned the three we wouldn't like you wouldn't know your Merion motley's your Dutch Clarkson your Steve and the ones that you might know Joe Jim Brown yeah well what do you say your guy Earl Campbell he was a beast Eric Dickerson dad Eric that's the one I was okay go ahead well hall of Famer six promos lately costing three times and then the twenty four twenty one hundred five to let more if you're an old cold guy Lenny Moore and then Walter patriotic between eyes on there yeah Barry Sanders yep I would never never a monster Sanders guy well here's one why not easy to shut him down yeah actually gale Sayers that's a guy who makes yes there's like Ben Hogan for football players he's like they romanticize him so much he only played from sixty five to seventy watches highlights timeless he's beautiful out there Kell Sayers he's beautiful to watch Emmitt Smith are you gonna say your body right they're separated shoulder ninety three there's one last guy in coke's I believe he's on your cell board I think yeah I think I'm just saying I'm in the top one hundred the world is yours truly he made a world is me okay molds your people are debating that why Marshall Faulk was on the list at number there's so many great back greatest names so many great words Gil Brandt's a Q. mac Laney man my dad talked about you Macklin like you would not believe either with Emmitt Smith where I think like he like he the cowboys aren't winning those Superbowl certainly not the no there's no way they when those without him like do you can't eliminate him from that team and think they would have succeeded with the Ramsey of all time that's Alan on there not I made one and never get on any list I am a is not in my top twenty on my top three hundred here's the deal right he Moster yeah we can make our list next and came here one of four five and six in the the sports leader back.

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