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The bad boy the bed with catherine greg that's what she used to say she said i went for the bad boy right her first husband died of a drug overdose he was a boston firefighter two brothers in law were murdered by whitey and then she went for whitey after he kilter brothersinlaw yikes i think she likes them i guess she did a lot of people don't like their in laws but you know taken up with the guy who killed two over a woman from chicago inclu enclosed nine suggestive photos including a shot of her cleavage another in a skimpy bikini eating a popsicle in a tight shot of her backside is she bent over sicker these people so my question is does the fbi have these letters and can they enter these people into the database of people not allowed to buy guns you're sending love letters to a school shooter you shouldn't be able to by god's will they have these i mean the the i guess the public defender form is getting these letters that he's shown them to the reporter from the from the newspaper the public defenders that i've never seen this many letters to a defendant you've never you've never defended anyone who killed seventeen people either that's i dare say finkelstein hit the howard finkelstein he's the public defender said we read a few religious wants to him that extended wishes for souls and become the god but we have not in will not read the him the fan letters or share the photos of scantily clad teenage girls well it's good to know the public defenders broward county have some standards so he's not seeing all this stuff but apparently his his younger brother zachary crews i was locked up himself but apparently he got out on bail or something so he visited his older brother in jail and was overheard telling the killer he's now very popular with the ladies what a heart warming story for good friday america's not a sick country is at now nah nah everything's fine coming up next police blotter facts friday sponsored by pant that those e bakery joe panther dossier is here i'm howie carr days are already getting longer with springtime celebrations on the horizon it's time to stock up at liquor and more avoid the.

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