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Coulter. Empire actor Jesse small let was released on bail after being formerly charged with reporting a fake hate crime attack to police in Chicago police superintendent, Eddie Johnson called the situation shameful. Hey crimes were now publicly be met with a level of skepticism that previously been happening CBS's dean Reynolds, I have seldom heard him as angry as he was today. What he said was a mixture of content and discussed and basic anger at what has unfolded over the last three some weeks. His bail was not revoked but self-described political dirty trickster. Roger stone will now be under a full gag order while the awaits trial on charges of lying to congress witness tampering and obstruction. The judge took that action after stone posted a photo of her with what looked like crosshairs CBS's. Paula Reed says stones testimony today did not help his case was a train wreck. He could not remember who brought him the photo. How many he chose why he put it up in the first place? Why he couldn't find one without crosshairs? He was an absolute disaster of a. Witness. He really did not do himself any favors on the stand. Official. Washington is braced for special counsel, Robert Muller to turn in his report on Russia's election meddling and ties to the Trump campaign CBS's major Garrett says it's still unclear what the public will get to see two sources close to the matter. Tell us that Muller's report could be delivered as early as tomorrow and certainly no later than mid March. Now once that report arrives attorney general William bar will decide how much will be made public. There's no legal requirement for barter release any of the mullahs report. If congressional Democrats are dissatisfied with what bar submits they could choose to subpoena the special counsel to testify Oakland. California is the latest city hit by a teacher strike in a nationwide. Wave of discontent over pay classroom, conditions and other issues thirty six thousand students in Eighty-six schools are affected, but officials are keeping schools open staffing them with non union, employees and substance..

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