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Product from the United States with these larger than life characters in these big arenas and crazy outfits and everything else. That I think also contributed to the downfall of the British wrestling scene. After this. He decides to really test as metal across the world. So he starts doing what a lot of guys didn't that era and popping over to different countries. And and trying some new things and one of those spots that everybody stopped was in Germany for autobahns and the CWA the catch wrestling association Bariga would say from day one for whatever reason auto just hated the sight of him. They just did not get along. We have we've talked a little bit about auto and the CWA. But I don't know when we will again chat me up. Did you ever meet auto? And what was the rap on the CWA over in Germany. I never met auto. And my brother Tom actually worked for auto in Germany for a while auto was one of those old timey guys big bastard, tough guy, but auto liked the tough guys auto liked the shooters and the guys could actually go out and Russell and hold their own. So if you came in. And you were a worker he would usually put you with a tough guy. I keep throwing up Steve Wright's name because he was all around that area. And he was a tough guy. To beat the shit out of you. And I'll never forget Tom telling me the story about the first time he came in and Tom was worker, and he goes out and he's trying to have a good match. And they've got to do rounds in Steve righteous eight him up in after the first round came back. In in Tom's corner. Was a guy by the name of cowboy Scott hall of indigo fame later on in life. And Scott was like fuck, man. He's beating the shit outta you. You've got to go out and fuck him up. Man. You gotta hit him back and fucking fight him. And Tom went out in the second round and fought back and got stiff with Steve Wright started hitting him back and literally fighting him in all of a sudden third round. They went out and had a match and they worked together so auto like that oughta was was kinda got he would reward that. If you went out, and you fought your ass off and actually could read. Sel, but. I've heard both good and bad about auto think for the most part guys were happy. It was an opportunity. It was someplace to go and be away, and you could disappear for awhile and make some decent money. Here's something that a lot of people may not know in nineteen ninety one. That's wednesday. Rigel was I contacted by the WWF. He was not expecting a FedEx truck to roll up in his neighborhood and September of ninety one A says it may have even been the first time. A FedEx truck had been down that street, but it was a letter from the company asking him to come to their pay per view at the Albert Hall in October for a tryout. And he says this came completely out of the blue. He had no idea something like this could be on the horizon, and he found out later that has good Powell Terry Rudge was responsible. Lord. Alfred Hayes had an office job for the company at the time. And Terry was friends with Alfred Hayes and he hadn't spoken to him about it. And here it comes the invite. He says when it got hall he found Jack Lanza, and that was the agent that he was supposed to meet. And he told them to go get something to eat. But food was the last thing on his mind. This is his big chance eighty dollars dreamed of going to wrestle.

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