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The theme song. That's it. So many of these note. New shows are like four seconds or five seconds is this is it? That's all you get. It's just just like they need some kind of music or something to start the show. Unlike what it used to be. Now, when we were talking about you this yesterday we all used to watch television together. We used to do things together with families. As a country. We would watch the same TV shows we would be compelled to ask the same questions. Who shot J. R. Did you see who shot J? R? What do you think Shot Jr With these days, right now we're all watching separate things. We're doing separate things. Which I'm not a big fan of. But lost are the days when we used to have the great television show theme songs. You just don't hear him anymore, and I'm holding in my hand right now. I thought you might appreciate this. Here It is right here as I'm going to my 45 collection. I found this one. And this is Mike Post who was obviously known Ken Dog for his television show themes. Right, and I have this record. It's a radio DJ promo, saying, So. It's the same song on both sides. It's mint condition never been played. I'm gonna play it for you and you tell me the theme song, okay? Okay. I see what you do. Here we go. You're gonna get it. I I'll bet you if I played two seconds of it, you would get it, okay? All right. So if if I were a betting man, which I'm not I would bet Ken Dog will get it in the first couple of notes. Here we go. Ready? Here we go. All right. Um Missing out. I'm sorry. I'm drawing a blank trying to get speed. It will give you a bit more. Yeah. Okay, that's going to kill me. Oh, the lost my money. Good thing. I'm not a betting, man. Alright, give you this part music part instead of just the drums. Here we go Get it. Okay, I got it. Sorry. I needed to hear that part here. It goes where I got it. If I could play that part you would've got in, like two seconds. Right away. What was it? 18 80? It's.

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