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In South San Diego, a fugitive trying to escape bounty hunters crashed into a tree, then got out and ran away. This happened about three o'clock this morning on Ocean View Boulevard near Queen MCA. In Mountain View. Police do have a manhunt going on as we speak. As we get more information about this, of course, will pass it along to you here on Kogo. Still no word from police this morning after they served a search warrant at the home of the missing South Bay woman, Chila Vista Detectives went to my a million stays home. They served her husband, Larry, with the temporary gun violence restraining order. It prohibits anybody from owning, purchasing, receiving or having custody of a firearm, ammo or magazine. Police are not talking not even to her family. Sister told reporting partner 10 News she found about it found out about it from the media. I wish we have four open communication with Philip Disciplines department, but I always like kind of have, like open minded that they might have their reasons not to let us know. That restraining order issued just last week. My Amillia today was last seen January 7th in Colorado, another deadly mass shooting. A gunman opened fire at a birthday party in Colorado Springs, killing six adults and turning that gun on himself. Officers arrived in a mobile home park found the bodies in a man with serious injuries who died later at the hospital. Shooter was apparently the boyfriend of one of the female victims at the party. It was attended by friends, family and Children. He walked inside open fire and then shot himself. It was Colorado's worst mass shooting since a gunman killed 10 people at a Boulder supermarket March 22nd. The White House is preparing for possible next steps after a ransomware cyber attack on an oil pipeline officials already declared an emergency and now the colonial pipeline company is working to restart its system, which was temporarily shut down Friday. It says it's waiting to confirm all this safe more than 5000 miles of the pipeline was taken off line to contain the threat. The shutdown could cause gas prices to rise nationwide. Mark me field as the world fights coronavirus with approved vaccine some countries are falling further behind the world's wealthiest nations are stockpiling corona virus vaccines for their citizens, while many other countries still are scrambling to secure doses off you, like Chad have yet to receive any vaccines. The World Health Organization says about a dozen countries many of them in Africa are waiting to get vaccines. Wh O says delays and shortages are pushing African countries further behind the rest of the world in the rollout of covert 19 vaccines. The continent accounts for only 1% of vaccines administered worldwide. That's and Carrick reporting the pandemic. While the numbers continue to go down here in the state and in San Diego, it could change the way some of you work. That's what the San Diego Association of governments wanted to know. So they did. A study interviewed an array of businesses and employees sandbags, Antoinette Meyer told Coco News. Remote work policies and practices changed dramatically in response to the bandit Mick and also found changes. We're not equal a crow. Just different industries, occupations or by employees, demographics, almost 50% of employees that I was more productive working from home. Only 9% of businesses felt that way. So that might be why employers are anxious to see their employees return to the to the workplace. Meyer says the study shows most businesses believe remote work will be less prevalent following the pandemic than at its peak. But with that said, she said, more employers have considered teller worked as a viable option. Phil Farrar, KOGO news The San Diego region is ready for a big comeback, and it apparently is already underway. Chamber of Commerce CEO Jerry Sanders says businesses are already picking up and after summer when more people are vaccinated. We should almost be back to normal in terms of restaurants, he says. They will likely keep the patios, they added. We've been working with city along with others to make a lot of those changes permanent. We have found that it makes it really a vibrant area and you know it used to be probably some of the restaurants and other businesses that didn't want their parking spaces. Taken and now they're fine with it, too. If they can open up, even whiter and start making up for lost business, he says. It doesn't matter where San Diego is in terms of metrics. Come June 15th, the state will be able to reopen fully Marilyn Haider Kogo news. At the discretion of the governor's office. The D M V is scrapping plans to cut driver's license testing in 25 languages. A memo laying out the plan was obtained by the Sacramento Bee newspaper. In it, the D M V was making plans to offer driver's license testing in seven languages. English, Spanish, Armenian, Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi and Vietnamese. In fact, the memo indicated the D M V wasn't bound by law to offer more than seven languages under the Dymally Allegory Language Services Act of 1973, the D. M V was slow to respond to our request for an interview, But a written statement reads like this. The seven languages together cover more than 95% of DNP customers. But meeting the needs of non and limited English customers is more important. John Libertine, NBC news radio. Shit. You ain't the same and you keep on thanking. My Carrie is not happy with rapper White Kay, who released a new song Friday. The song called Let It Off, uses a sample of her hit. Shake it off. Oh, Lordy, I'm already confused. The rapper posted the song to Twitter, but it wasn't long before fans notice the familiar tune. The Grammy Award winner responded, saying, You have 24 hours to respond to my lawyers..

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