Gianni Infantino, Valentine, President Trump discussed on ESPN FC



Oh people or paranoid same things aides it's a hot and i think a number of people but no no it will be not honest madam disease tv operator well it would be that would have what we do a lot more things to think that there were annoyed monuments do you have any valentine's day plans nope not do it on valentine's day oh wait that's just parfive the plans the plans that plans out on friday yes we will have a meal wipe and myself and i'm getting hurt tickets for a point tickets but london them concert points concert let me ask you a question mr suit winners valentine's day is tomorrow the th the february every think every these volunteer he's there nevertheless it up for the job i can't compete with a poisoned concert but i'm going to be spending my valentine's day with peace for president gianni infantino in zurich flying out there tomorrow flying back tomorrow night hopefully that was a little bit of a let down i wonder more as you traveling back the 1993 to watch poison but still not thought you really tell is eagerly jumper cake and surprise humidity's use techniques two over it don't labor poise what's poisons song i don't i don't know it's for her i don't know any of the summed no you don't let them be she does i am not familiar with he wikileak heat because that will tell you that story of a you're going to give it to the movies i let me know if it will operate.

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