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Listen to as always tried to have fun smart conversations with things. I'm primarily interested in hope that you are to. You never know what you're going to get here. We seem to be having a lot of directors lately. But you know i love talking about film and writing and that and we have another one this week. This one of my favorites you guys buried jenkins who has directed limited series called the underground railroad based on colson heads. Brilliant pulitzer prize. Winning a man who. This thing is amazing. it's amazon prime. You guys really need but our conversation so much fun. I can have conversations like the one that i have with berry. I just had recently just just forever as you could tell we going for about an hour so i hope you enjoy that especially for the people that are kind of interested in that area and everything very. He's such a interesting filmmakers such an artist too and i think you'll enjoy that conversation. Yes since it over an hour. I won't take a lot of time right now. in fact i'll keep it kind of like next week though when we come back next week but when we come back i wanna talk about what's going on in texas. There's a lot of shit going on there in. i believe there. There's an attack going on in the country right now over women's reproductive rights and that is very concerning to me. Something's going to happen in the next couple of years with the supreme court and everything i think. The right definitely has their targets roby way in an aggressive way that i've never seen in a while and that's a premium courtroom. The you know conservatives. They were not fucking around. You talk about packing the court. They packed that mother. Fucker man with mitch. Mcconnell just change in the rules and not letting obama habits pick because of course it should have been an obama pick and then Change the rose again. So trump got the extra pick for any conybeare that should have been a Biden pick there should be to liberal judges instead of conservative runs and believe me. That is no accident its purpose foam. It's one of the reasons that i think conservatives get out to vote with the most fervor i think they get out to the mercy fervor for the issue of abortion more than any other issue and connect that to conservative judges. Because that's the issue that the care about most there's other issues too that they want the conservative of bench to be leaning right but that one man they are not fucking around and if we have that same that same type of thing on the left. But there's gonna be. I'll talk about in detail. I i'm going to do some more research. And what's going on before i start talking about him but texas is kind of where it's pretty berry now. But it's him and other places so we'll talk about that next tempering. Now guys my lakers are in the playoffs. You know this is a happy time for me and it's fraught. I got a lot of.

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