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On there. 8 four four 747 88 68. That's our toll free telephone number. By the way, there is a report out. I was scheduled to be on newsmax this morning and we were blown out because of the breaking news from New York City, but the focus of the reporting is that a number of school districts around America are now reporting a steep decline in the number of public school students. Now, there's a raging debate as to why that is. I contend that more moms and dads have decided, wait a second, we don't want our kids learning about this crap. And we're pulling our kid out of the public school. We're going to send them to a private school. We're going to homeschool. But I don't want my little three year old Larry coming home and announcing that he's I don't know. Leigh Anne. And I suspect many of you feel the same way. I've got to tell you guys about our good friends over at patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. 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All right, folks, welcome back to the times charge radio show, by the way, Bernie kerik, the former New York City police commissioner, he's going to be joining us in the next hour, giving us an update on what's happening in New York City with that terrible attack earlier today. Also just a reminder, April 30th, Memphis, Tennessee, the culture engagement summit and we're expecting hundreds of conservatives from all over America to join us for an incredible day of learning and education we would love for you to be there and be a part of that. Marshall Blackburn Robert jeffress smart Meadows myself we will all be speaking citizens for America foundation dot com is the website address citizens for America foundation dot com. Also, Ryan helfenbein from the standing for freedom center there at Liberty University is scheduled to speak and I believe we have worked in our connectivity issues, Ryan, good to have you back with us. Hey Todd, great to be back. Ryan, we were talking before the break about the wokeness that has infected Disney and many other American traditions. And even going back to the Boy Scouts of America, these are established American traditions that have gone by the wayside and I'm curious to know from your estimation, why do you think that is? I think really Todd, what we're seeing is the veil is being pulled back on this whole movement, trans normativity, homo normativity, whatever you want to call it, the idea is the disintegration of the American family. It's not to have equality in boy scouts. It's actually to destroy boy scouts, which they accomplished doing that. When you look at Walt Disney corporation, it's the second or third largest media company in the world. The market cap is $238 billion with a B, when you consider what's happening, they have a huge mouthpiece, but it's not just activism. There's something far more pernicious far more evil going on Todd. What do you think that is? I really do believe that this is a spiritual battle. You can't call it anything other than that. And we're seeing, here it is. We're in holy week. This is resurrection week. We're going into the Passover, and then obviously the lord's day on Sunday, Easter Sunday, recognizing that Jesus came to the world to conquer Senate conquer death. And I think now more than ever, America needs saving. And it's not going to come from a president. It's going to come from the lord Jesus Christ. This is a spiritual battle. We have to take this on. And I think and this is a challenge even facing Christian higher education. And I want to explain why, because you guys, I mean, at liberty, you're turning out God fearing patriots, people who are standing up and defending the constitution. The challenge is that a lot of these kids are coming out of public schools and they have a lot of them have been brainwashed and there's really no other kind way to say it. They've just been brainwashed into embracing this agenda, which is why I suspect they're starting to teach kindergartners preschoolers about these sex classes, sex lessons. Yes, absolutely. I'll just tell you two things. Vladimir Lenin famously once said, give me your children for four years and the seeds that I have sown will never be uprooted. That's scary. When you think about cultural Marxism, you think about the long march through the institutions. That's exactly why they're trying to groom and I will use that word properly when you talk to children about sex and you desperately do not want their parents to know about it. That is called grooming. Grooming children from 5 years old to 8 years old. That is absolutely insane. And that's what's being tried. Of course, HB 1557 just passed in Florida. That needs to be passed in every state which restores parental rights within education. So we need to be, we need to be clear about what the threat is that's coming. Here at Liberty University, kids are walking from private schools or walking from home schools and also from public education. We'll take any child from anywhere. But at the end of the day, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing Todd that gives us hope that can actually turn back this tide in this country. And Ryan even that is coming under attack. I mean, you're looking at, I mean, they have been very effective. And I call them sex and gender revolutionaries. But I think they're very close to completely neutralizing the Southern Baptist conventions influence in the culture. That has been happening over the past couple of years now, where a lot of churches, not just southern Baptists, but a lot of evangelical churches have chosen not to get involved in this. They don't want to offend people or the pastors don't want to become targets in the pulpit. Yeah, they're feigning neutrality in a world that has no grounds for being neutral. It is an either or reality. Either you're going to be a pastor that stands up boldly in the pulpit and proclaims the whole council of God all of scripture is God breathed is useful for teaching, rebuke and correcting and training and righteousness. If you're a pastor today, this is a time for boldness. This is a time for courage. You can not mince words. The reality is many of these denominations are under attack, and in seminaries, the training grounds, that's why it's so it's so critical right now that they make peace with their future cancellation. That they recognize that they're entering into a world that will no longer give them or grant them the respect or the freedom to say everything that needs to be.

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