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You're no fee mortgage leader right here in Tampa Bay. We will be any written estimate that you provide us as long as you verbally tell us that credit score the other lender gate and you provide a written estimate. We'll check it out and tell you roughly what we can do before asking for a full application. And if you like it Then you can go ahead and do the application. That's the way we like to do business at Lincoln Lending Group. Just call 813 Mortgage or go to anyone. Three mortgage dot com and don't forget my incredible co host Doug Ford. He runs one of the most successful roofing companies in all of Tampa Bay. It's called Sun Coast. Roofing solutions. 888888 roof. They do repairs. They do tile. They do metal. They do shingles. They do anything related to roof So all you need to remember is 888888 roof. How was that dog? Does that sound good? I mean, our specialty is tile that Czar focus. That's our niche there we go into. But of course, Obviously we do any type of roofing. You know, we don't We don't try to do a lot of commercial. That's kind of not our forte. I mean, I've always told people when you're starting a company. It's better to have a niche versus like just trying to do everything right. Right. Do one thing better than anyone. Yep. It's always a good business premises. So we have a great guest on today, and we appreciate him. Comment. It's Jo Calhoun. Joe is an economics professor at my alma mater, Florida State University. Very proud that I got to spend up 4.5 years stent there and that's right. I went the extra half semester because you just haven't too much fun. When you're in college. He had to stay a little extra, but very happy to be a knoll on Joe. I'm proud of you guys for everything you're doing for the university and And the healthy you're allowed to meet, allowing me to provide the students. You have a credible prop program you've created called unconquered by debt, and we started talking about a little bit in the second segment and what it does. We were kind of given a general overview. If you could take a step back and tell us a little bit about Joe on then let's get back into what this program is on. Then, in the fourth segment, Joe is going to give a little business tip of the week for all of our listeners on Doug and Joe and I were probably talk a little bit about credit cards, you know, forget about being a student coming out of college. A lot of things that people don't know about credit cards from a business angle and which one's the best one and why you get charged sometimes. So stay tuned for that. Jo Calhoun, take the floor. Tell us a little bit about you and what really got you into teaching and then moving forward into this unconquered by debt program. All right. Well, I've been in Florida since 2000 and four. I like to consider myself a Floridian. Now I love it here playing TOC stay here for a long, long time, but I am not a native Floridian. It actually was born and raised in northern Illinois Little town called Woodstock. If you remember the movie ground Hog day that was supposedly ah, in Pennsylvania. But that film was actually in Woodstock, Illinois, with Bill Murray and his co host. There s O. That's what stocks claim to fame. I am the son of a union carpenter. So have a lot of exposure to the trades. A lot of my uncle's Aaron plumbers and carpenters and And in that kind of business. I did my undergraduate at Illinois State University and Frank. I beat you by semester. I was an undergraduate for five years. I was having too much fun. But I also had two majors. I was an economics and finance Major. So I claim the academics cost me the extra year. Not all the fun I was having on Ben went got married and drag my wife and two small Children down the Athens, Georgia. We spent five glorious years in Athens. I was doing my graduate work there. And along the way we had our third baby, So I do have one uh, Georgia Peach Azad daughter. Then we moved to Tallahassee in 2000 and four had my fourth daughter in 2000 and seven. So yes, I am a girl. Dad, I have four daughters at home. They're all beautiful girls, and they treat me like a king. On I've started is just kind of a regular economics professor doing principles of micro and macro and then started to diversify into some other courses and then eventually led my way into personal finance. When I saw that the need was just so great way do a great job. Given our students technical skills, but We just had one small class out of the business school that was doing something related to personal finance, and it just wasn't very widespread and wasn't casting a wide enough net. So I developed my class and the economics department not to compete with the business school. They got great folks over there, but I just wanted Tol ittle bit more, and I want to do it a little bit bigger. Um, Esso, I created my client's side of the economics department. And then I realized that I can't teach everybody as much as I would like to, because he was a big place with over 40,000 students. So I said, How can I get this information in the hands of people? So in the seminal spirit I titled my Program unconquered by debt, the tap into our unconquered statue and our unconquered spirit and way of doing things that Florida State S. I thought that was a good reference point to be a knoll. And now I'm just trying to get it out to every student at efforts you even if you can't take my three credit our class Eyes. OK, So, Joe, what? Tell us a little bit Well, what are all the things that the class teaches to the students? I know what it teaches financial responsibility. But let's get a little dive into that a little bit s O. I've structured the course. Tonto literally go through everything that I know students are going to do. And quite frankly, when I know everybody's going to do so I start with income expectations and paying off student dead and thinking about graduate school. Then we go into some some basic banking. You know? How do you select the bank? What do you looking for? When you open it up on account, and then I go through all of life's choices, so everybody's gonna buy a car. You're gonna you're gonna select the car. You're going to finance the car and you got to ensure the car. Everybody's going to have to go through housing. So whether you're renting or you're buying a home and getting your mortgage at Lincoln lending, you gotta find a place to live inside..

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