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Station Chris Collins drops. Reelection it's seventy three degrees and partly cloudy in New. York I'm Bill, Rosie with the stories you'll be talking about on seventy seven WABC, Republican. Congressman Chris Collins says he's not going to seek reelection now that he's being charged with insider trading correspondent Athena Jones on what comes. Next it's not entirely clear what's going to happen to that race outside of, buffalo that district is reliably red, district but it is very difficult to remove a nominee's name from the ballot in the state of New. York this is according to the New York abortive, elections but Collins was the first member of congress to endorse President Trump fifteen year old boys at Long Island Jewish hospital in stable condition after being shot last night by police who were trying to disperse a disorderly crowd at Redfern avenue and name yoke avenue in far Rockaway, police say the youth was toting a Smith and Wesson handgun and refused repeated attempts to drop. It eventually that weapon was recovered at the scene police are blocking streets And mobilizing hundreds. Of officers on this. The one year anniversary of the deadly white nationalist rally. In Charlottesville Virginia, Republican Congressman Tom Garrett I'm very optimistic officially we won't have any, replays. There is all sorts of criticism levied and rightfully you want to study when terrible things happen what went wrong state and local authorities. Are framing this weekend's heightened security as a necessary precaution some community activists however, concerned it could be counterproductive overreaction, Rosie on seventy seven WABC where New York comes to talk Bill Evans has that weather forecasts moments but. Now let's get a look at.

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