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Hey james long island new york the great wabc go hey mark after the hour loria you are actually acute power about if you i have or on the number of federal hiring i voted republican but i am no wall gore voted for the guy audible we've all their increasing impacted aga wealthy of a middle class if you've got people like honoree okay now all i don't care if the elite new york the korea art active in new york ed sled are hillis tom read hey they are i refrained from or rock new york he's a nobody nobody hurt could we ever at riot when he ripped the work that equal league new york howdy or your new york or it could of what are you democrat now carl walker walker were correctly below ecu equally or or we all quarter and current got lue because they are about to pay diet actor predictable that the goal and taxes should be defined the legitimate activities of government not the screw this state or that state or these people are those people or to redistribute wealth from from individuals to individuals from rose to corporation this has exactly the wrong way to do this and every serious constitutional conservative fiscal conservatives traditional reagan conservative should say no at object to this and explain why this is a show this is obama light maybe it's obama obama heavy but it certainly isn't a tax cut or tax reform i'll be right back you know now that i've been sleeping on my casper mattress for a long time i pick it over every.

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