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Santa Monica sixty six in Redondo, sixty two and in than it is sixty five degrees. Seven seventeen and KNX continuing our team coverage of the election results talk about the propositions proposition. Ten which would have led cities adopt stronger rent control rules went down to defeat voter is also went against proposition six which was the repeal of the gas tax increase proposition. Eight critic critics said would hurt kidney dialysis patients that one also failed. And here's one for you proposition, twelve that was the one that requires all eggs sold in the state to come from cage free chickens by twenty twenty two. That was also approved also bans the sale of pork and veal and California from farms farm animals raised in cages that don't meet new minimum size requirements. You mentioned propsects six there the backdrop backers of the props say, it's not over. I'm here to warn the politicians not so fast. Carl Demayo says the election doesn't mean an end to their fight to repeal the gas tax. We will I start by holding politicians accountable every single election every single race. We are going to make the fraudulently stolen gas tax repeal initiative, a main issue in regular elections. And yes, I project a couple recall elections vary Demayo said before the election of prop six failed. He'd pushed for the recall of the state's attorney general he says, it's not about politics, but working class people not being able to afford the gas tax in San Diego. Karen? Adams Canucks, ten seventy NewsRadio after giving up forty five points in there. I lost. The Rams will be looking at their defense. Our NFL insider hall of Famer Jackie Slater coming up in just one minute here on can exit seven nine thousand nine hundred you by blue diamond almonds of edible now at.

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