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Of pen fed. Federally ensured by NC UA. What has a wisecracking Ryan Reynolds, a glamorous Gal Gadot, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and a very convoluted story about priceless eggs, it's the new action comedy red notice that's got cars and boats and secret safes to crack. It's got ballroom dancing, and a jailbreak, and you can check it out on your couch because it's come straight to Netflix. I'm Linda Holmes and today we're talking about red notice on pop culture happy hour from and PR. Here with me is one half of the two bossy games newsletter and one third of the appointment. Television podcast, Margaret Willis and welcome back Margaret. Hi, Linda. Oh, so joining us is Ronald young junior. He is the host of the pushkin podcast solvable hello Ronald. Hi Linda. And last but not least, we have our pal and our punching and fighting specialist, right or Chris climate. Great to have you back Chris. Hi Linda, I want to say I'm also at least two thirds of the degree absolute podcast. Remember the other guy's name on that one? I'm really feeling the mana here. Serious mana, serious model. I hear ya. I hear ya. It's a little bit pointless to talk about this movie in terms of plot. But such as it is, here it goes, Dwayne Johnson plays a guy named John Hartley who's an FBI profiler chasing an art thief named Nolan booth, played by Ryan Reynolds. Now you get no points for figuring out that this odd couple will eventually be forced to work together, specifically to chase after an even better art thief known as the bishop and played by Gaga dot. This was written and directed by Ross and Marshall thurber, who's worked with Johnson before in central intelligence and skyscraper, by the way, skyscraper, still very proud of my headline. Building size giant fights giant sized building. As you might expect this movie has got action sequences and every drop of smart, intentional knowing smart that you can extract from Ryan Reynolds. And you should know that the whole thing hinges on three jeweled eggs that were supposedly given to Cleopatra as gifts. Everybody's looking for the eggs, hiding the eggs, chasing the eggs. So not be unfair to point out as I have, and now will again, that this movie has an egg, macguffin. What was your impression of this bit of silliness? My impression was, I mean, having conducted a long-term study of the filmography of Dwayne Johnson. Now, I discussed skyscraper with you and Margaret on this very show. I wrote about skyscraper. I wrote about central intelligence. I just, in terms of cinematic appreciation, what I want to ask Dwayne Johnson, do you even lift bro? Because I really feel like the biggest movie star in the world has never seen a movie that he didn't star in. So, I mean, this is really just right perfectly into his filmography. It is a 27 way tie for second place if you try to rank them like everything is sort of a watery vague version of a better movie. If you like the sort of fizzy escapist quips and intrigue, milieu that this movie read notice is trying to create. Let me point you towards the 2015 man from uncle reboot that Guy Ritchie did. Not a hit, but much sharper, much funnier, more buoyant and elegant. Also real locations. I mean, I can't really slam this the way I want to slam all the marvel movies because I know it was shot during COVID, but you know, there is a section of the press notes for this movie red notice that is headlined, not even making this up Atlanta, gateway to the world. This is a bunch of screen savory green screen BS you do not get the exotic locales, the sense of travel that you get watching a Bond movie, watching tenant, watching any Mission Impossible, which was also shot during COVID, and they still didn't shoot it at a parking lot in Atlanta. So you get the production value that you are supposed to get from a movie like this. Like it's okay, but I watched it like two nights ago and I've already forgotten 95% of it. I think that's fair. Ronald how about you, bud? I think this movie, I think one of the words that came to mind for this was smug. This movie is very, very smug. It wore on me for a while from the very beginning because it felt like The Rock showed up to do a normal rock movie and be his serious self, but they didn't even really let him get the crack jokes in this movie, which I think kind of took away from it for me. It just made it just a smug off between Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. And I think maybe about two thirds of the way through the movie I realized that Ryan Reynolds was just being Deadpool without a mask, and I really had a problem with that because at one point he actually references how they were going to rob one of the eggs. As he's explaining this to The Rock, he mentions feature to extras. And I'm like, okay, so he's breaking the fourth wall in this movie. I'm like, I don't understand why this is happening or why he's acting like this in this film. And maybe I'm going to end up going after Ryan Reynolds a lot for this movie, but it felt like after seeing something like free guy or any of the other Ryan Reynolds work that he does, he has more range than this, but it felt like he typecast himself in this film, particularly, and it kind of it was hard to watch for me for that reason. All of the things that Chris said I agree with, I felt like watching this movie, I'm like, this seems very cheap. And I remember also thinking that universal probably got the better end of this deal by selling this to Netflix as that's how it ended up on Netflix because this is 100% a Saturday movie that I wouldn't even pay attention to. I would just like pick a different task and have this all the background. I wouldn't even face the actual television to watch it. But that being said, I mean, there was one joke that I did laugh at that was towards the end of the movie, which was they pointed out that there's a point where Ryan Reynolds is eating some cheese and Gal Gadot says to Ryan Reynolds, that's not Gouda. That's uncooked pork. And I laughed out loud. And I remember thinking, why could the whole movie just be more of these types of jokes? I mean, I laughed at the part where Reynolds was seen drinking his own brand of gin and then in the next scene, Dwayne Johnson has served a his own tequila. Again, I feel like movies are just brand extension for Johnson in particular. I didn't even notice that. When he gets to the house in Bali, aviation gin has a very specific bottle and he just pours a little bit of that liquor right into a glass and I was like, this is a moment, Ryan Reynolds where I bet you wish you had a celebrity tequila brand like everyone else instead of a gin brand because you know what you don't do with gin, drink it straight. Second generation. I've had them. But they're not a common thing, and I doubt that aviation gin is that. As soon as that happened, I started counting down. It was like, okay, we're gonna get the Terra Mona bottle in three, two, there it is. So other than the sipping jam. Other than the gin spotting. Yeah, what'd you think? What was my experience with this movie? Well, as Chris says, I'm on the record as being a fan of skyscraper or as I like to know it, die hard XXL. But I gotta say that this one, Thomas crown of fair colon Tokyo drift didn't. I found the experience a little bit like drinking flat soda. You can taste all of the places where the fizz is supposed to be. There were definitely lines that I went. I recognize that structure, unless I am tickled by this. And we had someone talk about Dwayne. We had someone talk about Ryan. I'm here to talk a little bit about gal. I found her just staggeringly flat in this role. And they were just scenes where like I wanted her to pop more than she was. And obviously stunning, fight choreography was pretty cool. There was a great fight sequence at the beginning that almost had a little Jackie Chan, a land where Ryan Reynolds was climbing scaffolding and pulling pins out, making people fall. I was like, got in here for this. But by and large, there were a lot of things that didn't work for me. Yeah. You guys..

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